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Feb. 11 – 17, 2015


For All Signs:  Mercury, planetary symbol of communications and travel, has been in apparent retrograde motion since Jan. 21.  It changes to direct motion on Feb. 11.  This phenomenon occurs about three times per year, at varying intervals.  Astrologers have long observed that during Mercury's retrograde periods, schedules are changed, routine communications become confused or lost, and people intuitively delay decisions.  The periods of retrograding Mercury press us to slow down, reflect, and review information.  If we force a decision while Mercury is retrograding, it is often reversed or revised during the planet's direct motion periods.  This is usually evident on the globe, with countries changing their minds, or revising plans.

Another feature of this week is the approaching New Moon in Aquarius on Feb. 18 in the very last degree and minute of this sign.  The symbolism suggests a “last chance Moon” to me.  The Aquarius New Moon represents a time for making a new commitment to expand our global awareness and develop a more inclusive attitude toward our fellow humans.  However, it appears to me that the world attitudes are pulling in, moving toward prejudice and “us versus them” thinking.  Individually we must avoid sliding down that drain or buying into “payback” attitudes.

Aries:  This is a time during which you are asked to devote energy to your healing, whether on an emotional or physical level.  You may be tending to yourself or to a friend.  You could be encountering someone else in your life with similar issues and you may be helping each other. 

Taurus:  A woman, whether known or a stranger, may surprise you with her compassionate way of responding to your needs.  Meanwhile you are walking a tightrope with regard to a relationship.  Is it better to commit or run away?

Gemini:  Mercury, your ruling planet, turns direct this week and complications you have experienced in recent weeks may begin to become untangled.  Activities involving the law, publishing, higher education, or travel are given a Go signal at last!

Cancer:  During the next couple of weeks it would serve you well to attend social gatherings and generally put yourself "out there."  One or more people are likely to enter your life who can help you make the connections that need to come next on your path. 

Leo:  You and your Significant Other are at odds over what is the best way to manage a task.  If your partner is not involved, then the conflict may be entirely within yourself.  Ask for the opinion of someone you trust to help you out of the snare.

Virgo:  In recent weeks, while your planetary ruler, Mercury, has been retrograding, you have probably torn into your files, closets, or other things requiring organization.  So you may have a mess.  But now you can find the right places for all those lose “things” to belong.

LibraA female coworker or client may be of more help than you expected.  This person has a warm heart and has some things to teach you.  Give heed to advice, direction, or suggestions to anyone who crosses your path.  It may serve you well.

Scorpio:  The need for healing on an emotional or physical level is prominent now.  Your child and/or your lover need your compassion.  If not other people, then you need that compassion.  Cut yourself some slack here.

Sagittarius:  You may be caught between a rock and a hard place this week.  One or more family members are in need of your time or services.  You probably cannot handle this and cover your own needs, too.  Some weeks are like that.

Capricorn:  Now that Mercury is turning direct, you may be able to unravel a knotty problem that has caused confusion in your personal accounts or income.  It will take a couple of weeks but you should be much more clear soon.

Aquarius:  See the lead paragraph for information on the “last chance” new moon, which occurs in your sign on the 15th.  Think carefully about what needs to change, maybe in a hurry, in order for you to proceed forward.

Pisces:  Pisces is a sign that always assumes it is invisible.  Sometimes you can move around without notice, but not at this time.  There are strong energies at work in your sign and everyone will be aware of what you do here.  Maintain your compassion and you won’t go wrong.

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