German chocolate cake

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MULLETT OVER BY JAMES WHITEThat very popular delight, German Chocolate Cake, was indeed named after a German in 1852 – but probably not like you think. The creator was an American named German (Sam German).

There is some historical debate as to which plants were more valuable to the needs of early man – hemp or grains. Of course grains provided food, but were labor intensive and reliant upon timely rains. Hemp opened new avenues of clothing, shipping, fishing as well as making reliable binding and facilitating improvements in weaponry. Early grains often grew on delicate plants 8 to 10 inches tall and rendered small heads while hardy hemp plants could grow to 25 feet in height with the entire 25 feet providing usable product.

Singing star Jennifer Lopez has had a deep-sea mite named after her. L. lopezae is the deepest-living marine mite known and the name was selected because the research team involved was continuously “kept upbeat” by J.Lo’s music as they composed the required scientific manuscripts of documentation.

Game show contestant on recent episode: “What is the capital of Australia? Hint: It is NOT Sydney.” Contestant response: “Sydney.”

From another game show in Australia: “What insect is often found hovering above area lakes?” Contestant response: “Crocodiles.” I must have kinfolk in Australia.

The Pacific Ocean holds about 46 percent of our planet’s water.

Newspaper advertisement: For Sale Cheap – Granite tombstone engraved Homer Hendelbergenheinzel.

First actor to have his likeness on the cover of Time Magazine was Charlie Chaplin (1925).

Japan built the largest battleships used in WWII: The Yamato and the Mushashi. Yamato was commissioned in December of 1941 and sunk by U.S. planes on April 7, 1945. Mushashi (sister ship to Yamato) was commissioned in 1942 and sunk by U.S. planes on October 24, 1944.

Even though it was clearly posted “No Feeding the Animals”: Ex-husband of actress Sharon Stone was bitten by a Komodo Dragon while visiting The Los Angeles Zoo. He (Phil Bronstein) required foot surgery in order to repair extensive bite damage. Chomp.

When cheetahs are in full sprint, all four feet are off the ground for most of that speedy interval.

The planet Venus has the longest day of any planet in our solar system. In fact, its day (243 earth days) is longer than its year (225 earth days). Well, use caution when swatting insects in Australia – and have a great week.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at