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FEBRUARY 4, 2015

Looking for something different to do on Valentine's Day?

Register now for Southwest Wildlife’s Hearts & Howls

Enjoy an evening of wildlife, decadent desserts, and stories all about true love at Hearts & Howls. Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center is proud to host this unique event at our ten-acre wildlife sanctuary in northeast Scottsdale.


Pet of the Week: Maurice


Is America self-destructing?steel coddington

There was much discussion some time ago over the doctor referred to as "Doctor Death," with debate focused on his participation in assisted suicide. The entire subject is sadly troubling with many points of view, and the subject presents a similarly troubling analogy to serious discussions on the question of the self-destruction of a nation. Is America committing suicide in a cultural context, terminating a national history of belief that celebrates personal independence and the freedom to achieve on your own with a new philosophy of treatment called "fundamental transformation"? Are we so sick that we need doctors whose cure consists of the establishment of radical progressive medicine involving change that is quackery disguised in the placebo of Social Justice? The medicine of distribution of wealth, radical economic failures, addiction to obscene borrowing, bloated government corruption and increased access to questionable hand-outs has never cured any disease!

BOOK NOOK   |  JANUARY 14, 2015

chasm creekChasm Creek by Patricia Grady Cox

PHOENIX – Cave Creek, Arizona, served as inspiration for an 1880 mining town west of the Verde River, where a pounding stamp mill provides the backdrop for an exciting debut novel by Patricia Grady Cox.

Two strangers seek help from a woman on a farm near CHASM CREEK, and the friendship that grows between them becomes the catalyst for a series of events that will change their lives forever.