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January 14 – 21, 2015


For All Signs:  The cosmos has several tense aspects this week. It is one of those times in which war or some other violent activity is a likely development.  Unfortunately, that has been all too frequent in the past year.  Energy will be high and nerves may be a little frayed.   On the global level talk will not work.  Taking action will be the first response and that is not necessarily the best.  Drive defensively and concentrate on the task at hand to avoid fender benders. Pay close attention if you are using potentially dangerous tools and don't press your body beyond its normal physical capacity in any activity. These are the types of aspects that represent wrenched backs and broken toes.

Aries:   In late August you were challenged by the financial sector—maybe related to old debts.  You probably began to work on this at that time and now the situation is different. Perhaps the contract or agreement has changed.  However, you are pressed to pour extra resources into the situation in order to maintain.  The question is:  Do you want to do this?

Taurus:  This period may be difficult for those on a diet or other self-improvement program.  You are prone to self-indulgence right now.  Perhaps the best thing to do is accept that is so and find a new solution that is satisfying without sabotaging your good intentions of recent weeks.  Partnership and social life is favored.

Gemini:  You need to be aware that Mercury, your ruling planet, turns retrograde next week.  The possibility that you will regret comments, plans, or contracts you make right now is high.  You could make favorable contacts via the Internet or some other source of education.  Your mind is quick, but think carefully before acting.

Cancer:  See the lead paragraph and stay under the radar because you may be caught in the crosshairs of others who are in a dark frame of mind.  An old situation may suddenly pop up between you and another that you thought long since over.  It looks like it needs more discussion, but judge the moment carefully. 

Leo:  This is a good week to bring a project to a close and prepare to move forward into new territory next week.  Finish loose ends and clean off your desk so you can feel accomplished enough to step into another direction.  The topic coming up as of the 20th is to give attention to your closest friends and/or Significant Other.

Virgo:  You may be thinking about an expenditure for an object of beauty or something else expansive.  Let me point out that Mercury, your ruling planet, goes retrograde next week.  Save your receipts because it may not work out as you hope.  If it is non-returnable, think about this item for a while before you purchase.

LibraThis is not your best week.  Be on the alert for troubles with your home, your high tech equipment, partners or crazy people.  Do not allow any of these to throw you off balance and you can emerge successfully with no more than a bruise or two.  Take good care of your health and don’t push your body beyond its limits.

Scorpio:  Aspects suggest you may be feeling irritable and critical this week.  Objects and people are just not cooperating, and you may also be worrying about finances.  You took an action in August that put you on a difficult trajectory.  It is possible this plan will require way more than you ever thought you would have to produce.  Now you ask yourself whether or not it is worth the effort.  It’s your call.

Sagittarius:  It may be hard to move forward this week, due to challenges concerning property, equipment, health, or family issues.  Your reflexes and normal muscle control are out of sync right now, so use special caution and listen to your body.  If it says "don't," then pay attention and stop immediately. This will pass.

Capricorn:  There are more demands upon you than you can physically or emotionally manage.  This could be the week in which you must raise the white flag and call “Uncle!”  The Goats often take on more responsibility than is good for them.  Give yourself a break.

Aquarius:  A project begun under difficult circumstances in May now arrives at a critical point.  Do you pour even more effort and energy into it now?  It is probable that the timing is off, even if the plan is good.  You may do better to start again at another point.  You may be feeling irritable and angry this week at someone or some rule that is demanding.

Pisces:   The authorities in your world may be thrashing you now, and demanding an explanation for your behavior.  Do not allow their guilt-bashing to take you down.  You had reasons and did the best you could with the situation at the time.  Pay close attention to your wallet and credit cards.  You might be subject to ID theft.

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