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my viewBY DON SORCHYCH   |  JANUARY 7, 2015

Recall election

This is going to be a strange recall election. The legislature worked hard to make recalls difficult and they succeeded. It took an additional try to get the necessary petitions signed after Vice Mayor Adam Trenk’s attorney shot down the first try in court.
Now the challengers to the slate have to get a minimum of 94 signatures by Jan. 9, which means maybe 140 signatures to be on safe ground. The good news is there is an abundance of “safe” signatures from the first two tries.

Guest Editorials:


Happy New Year

As the New Year arrives Spur Cross road, after months, is still in a dangerous condition. Our recalled council finally opened up the road, but left it with boulders near the travel lanes, and a dangerous drop off for a shoulder. Towns in Arizona have a legal duty to provide reasonably safe roads on which the residents travel. But not to worry, the recalled council claim they have it covered. They have called FEMA.


Bring back Steve LaMar and Dick Esser

We, the residents of Cave Creek, need to bring back Steve LaMar and Dick Esser to the Cave Creek Town Council. Together they bring over 40 years of service to the citizens of Cave Creek.


White House climate lunacy

As January 2014 arrived with a blast of cold air ominously dubbed the “polar vortex”, the White House released a video in which the Chief Science Advisor to President Obama, Dr. John Holdren, managed to get on both sides of it, declaring the “extreme cold” to be “a pattern that we expect to see with increasing frequency as global warming continues.” How the Earth is getting both colder and warmer at the same time defies reality, but that is of little concern to Dr. Holdren and, indeed, the entire global warming—now called climate change--hoax.

BY TPATH Contributor RoseAnn Salanitri  |  JANUARY  7, 2015

Liberty, tolerance and Christianity

TPATH – Today most Americans will acknowledge that this is a Christian nation - or a nation founded on Christian principles. These have accepted the national philosophy that has been passed down for generations but they have accepted it blindly and cannot defend their belief, which makes their beliefs vulnerable to assaults of nefarious revisionists.