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my viewBY DON SORCHYCH   |  DECEMBER 17, 2014

Four excellent candidates

After many side roads, the challengers to the four slate councilmen have emerged. You may recall after much work, the political action committee (PAC) and volunteers achieved the difficult task of getting at least 293 signatures for each councilman to be recalled. In fact, although nearly twice the required signatures were turned in, Vice Mayor Adam Trenk and his Attorney Tim LaSota, went to court twice to throw out signatures.

Guest Editorials:


The holidays, a time to get back to our roots

With the holidays upon us many of us are working through a pledge to ourselves that this is the year we are not going to get caught up in the real and imagined obligations and expectations that confound and dampen the ‘Holiday Spirit’.


Wolfboy and Princess Cupcake:
The Complementarity of the Sexes

Ecumenism at its best was recently demonstrated at the Vatican, where dozens of faith leaders worldwide assembled to remind us of the essential complementarity of men and women in life, marriage, and parenthood. It was enough to prompt a high-five between Pope Francis and evangelical pastor James Robison.


Protesting law and order

I doubt there was ever a time in America, pre-Revolution and since, that race was not an issue. It was for the framers of the Constitution who, in order to get the southern colonies to accept it, included in Article Two that, for the purpose of taxation, slaves were to be identified as only “three-fifths” of being a person. In Section 9, it was agreed that the issue of slavery was not to be addressed until 1808, but “a tax or duty may be imposed on such importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each person.”

BY Ed Timperlake and Robbin Laird  |  DECEMBER 17, 2014

The New Russian Agenda: How Would Reagan Respond?

Thirty years ago, President Reagan won reelection by a landslide and then led the United States into the final phase of our Cold War victory over the Soviet Union.

If America's 40th president were alive to see Russia's current resurgence and its all-too-familiar policy of intimidation against Europe, he would know exactly what to do: confront the Russians with American and allied policies designed to check their ambitions across the board.