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DECEMBER 10, 2014

Romeo and three other mini horses in search of forever homes for the holidays

PET NEWSCAVE CREEK – At only 34 inches tall, Romeo, a 10-year-old mini chocolate palomino stallion, may not seem like a formidable force. However, the tiny horse, along with three other mini horses, currently have a temporary home at Triple R Horse Rescue in Cave Creek, Ariz.
k9 blood buddies

K9 Blood Buddies Program seeks donors


Pet of the Week: Insel

james k whiteMULLET OVER BY JAMES K. WHITE   |   DECember 10, 2014

Lumber bust, boom

My, how drastically our commerce trends can transform in a short span of time. For more than forty years in the 19th century, Albany (NY) was the world’s leading lumber export site. This situation changed rapidly after an 1869 summer visit to the Washington Territory by railroad business agent Samuel Wilkerson.