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November 4 election

Last Tuesday’s election was a first step in stopping Obama’s assault on the USA and all it stands for. He is already threatening to use executive privilege to circumvent the voters on amnesty for illegals. His media support, which is virtually every national newspaper, is urging compromise. Now that the Republicans have a majority they should use it like Harry Reid did to United States citizens – no compromise, period. They should handcuff Obama for the next two years using every legal tactic available.

Note Obama has chosen a black woman to replace the “retiring” Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder has shown he is a race baiter, like his boss. Tell me why these high level positions should be based on race rather than competence?

Holder should be tried, convicted and jailed for his part in the Fast and Furious debacle which directly resulted in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and other deaths as well both in the United States and Mexico.

There is a huge litany of Obama’s illegal actions for which he should be prosecuted and tried quickly and efficiently.

I don’t know how the voting public can spank the national press to create neutrality except to stop buying and reading their biased trash. Flooding them with letters to the editor would help. The media, including television, aided in his election success. He wouldn’t be leading the nation with his lies, illegal and unconstitutional actions if the massive amounts of his life’s baggage were reported on. His strategy is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s handbook “Rules for Radicals.”

bil canfield editorial cartoon
On the bad side, union and dark money helped to reelect Kyrsten Sinema as a federal representative, in spite of her adoration for Obama. The press only scorches the Koch brothers for political contributions while ignoring George Soros and unions.

The other bad news is CCUSD got a $30 million bond and were allowed to spend bond money authorized in 2000 to build new schools it no longer needs, even though it is for purposes other than those approved by voters. To add further to our misery the only acceptable CCUSD governing board candidate, Angelica Petersen, lost to two unacceptable superintendent rubber stamps, so now the school board only has Janet Busby for sanity for the next two years.

Remember to vote against Adam Trenk in the March election for many reasons but one is for him interfering with the school board election by suing governing board member Susan Clancy and eliminating her from considerations as a candidate.

Note there was little opposition to the school’s plans to raise property taxes and few signs while Cynthia Weiss carpeted the district with signs, many of which remain a week after the election. Was her money from the insidious AEA union or her husband’s realty business? In any case the signs bought the election.

And sadly, Heather Carter won.

The good news on Doug Ducey’s governorship win will be even better if he develops a familiarity with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s methods. Walker won three times in four years, took the state from $3 billion in debt to a $1 billion surplus, while putting unions in their place and reducing taxes. I sure hope he runs for president in 2016.

I think Ducey will be a great governor and Mark Brnovitch will be a great Attorney General.

Diane Douglas won in a tight race against Democrat David Garcia for Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Arizona Republic liberals pounced on her in an article authored by Mary Beth Faller with comments by the Arizona Republic’s libtards.

E.J. Montini wrote, “She threw her dunce hat in the ring and won. Linda Valdez wrote, “She is Ev Meacham on steroids.”

Douglas is openly against Common Core and wants it repealed. Faller finished with, “Douglas’ victory would complete a GOP sweep of top state offices in the 2014 general election. Republican candidates also prevailed in the races for governor, attorney general, secretary of state, treasurer and two seats on the corporation commission.”

I wonder if Fallar provided a hemlock salad for Montini and Valdez.

The great state of Arizona remains red and will remain red if you want a decent future.