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NOVEMBER 5, 2014

Who’s Your Daddy? DNA testing for dogs?

PET NEWSHave you ever wondered why your dog’s coat is shaggy, or why his ears are so long? How about why he is so friendly or extremely active?

DNA is the genetic code or the building blocks that make up all living creatures, from mammals such as humans and dogs to microscopic bacteria and fungi. DNA testing has advanced recently and is now available to veterinarians and dog owners.

Canine diabetes

Canine diabetes, or diabetes mellitus, is a common disease in dogs and is the result of inadequate insulin production.

“Canine diabetes is usually caused by an immune mediated attack on the pancreas, which is likely related to genetic predispositions,” said Dr. Audrey Cook, associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. “It may also be secondary to chronic pancreatitis, or may occur in intact females following their heat cycle.”


Pet of the Week: Pima


Thought control in America – Ways to resist Political Correctness

We hear constant references to "Political Correctness," (PC). Basically PC has become a way of bending the truth to avoid discomfort to any person, group or government agency that might be offended by any factual reality relating to it. Realistically, it's a form of thought control. The most notorious application of PC is the government's continued reference to such events as the 2009 mass murder of troops at Fort Hood as "workplace violence," as well as other more recent acts of violence when any rational conclusion, or truthful examination of the facts would classify the occurrences as "terrorist attacks."

i look like meBOOK NOOK   |   OCTOBER 22, 2014

I Look Like Me tells story of abandonment to self-love

Paula Dieck launches her new book, I Look Like Me: A Celebration of Self-Love, available on Amazon

CAVE CREEK, ARIZONA - September 28, 2014 - I Look Like Me is the author’s story of adoption: growing up in a loving home, yet realizing that she was affected by feelings of abandonment, through years of personal growth, to ultimately coming to a place of self-love. As a young adult, Paula found her birth mother, thinking that this step would answer all her questions. Her quest continued when she decided to look for her biological father. Join Paula on this poignant journey of transformation.