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October 22 – 28, 2014


For All Signs:  This week begins with the New Moon eclipse in the sign of Scorpio on the 23rd at 5:10 p.m. EDT.  Scorpio is a sign of shared resources.  These include money, time, and energy that we share with one or more people.  The stock market, NATO, banks, insurance, and the IRS are under the auspices of Scorpio.  On a more personal level, alimony, child custody, debts, loans, and the lawnmower we share with the next door neighbor are covered by Scorpio.  A New Moon suggests new starts and beginnings.  Potentially there will be new plans on the globe to share resources among countries.  Since this eclipse is at 0 degrees, whatever starts in this department may be fresh and untried in the past, subject to change in the future.   It is interesting that Mercury turns direct on Oct. 25 this week, suggesting changes in the new plans we make at this time.

Aries:  Between now and Dec. 3, your attention will be drawn to career and life direction.  Activity in the outer world picks up speed.  Authorities and others may be challenging, so be prepared to defend your initiatives.  Use this time to improve your "product" or your presentation.

Taurus:  Venus, your ruling planet, enters the 7th house of relationships and will be there until mid-Nov.  She brings improvements in clientele, social life, and partnerships, business and personal.  This is a good time to ask for a professional consultation if you need it.  You are especially able to balance with others during this period in order to gain win-win solutions.

Gemini:  You have been treading water for several weeks while Mercury, your ruling planet, has been retrograde.  As it changes to direct, it is possible that you want to extricate yourself from a relationship.  Rather than escaping, it could be that a good talk about the issues could clear out the cobwebs and set it on a good track for the future.

Cancer:  You are playing a role in the background of your outer life right now and this is just where you want to be.  You might be supporting a leader from behind the stage, who promises security.  Meanwhile there are positive things happening concerning your home or property.  It may include a purchase or a sale, and you see it as a good thing in your life.

Leo:  Please read the lead paragraph.  This eclipse occurs at the base of your horoscope in the territory of property and family.  Given that Mercury turns direct this week, you might be signing a long-awaited contract.  You may be given a go-ahead signal to take steps toward a new journey in life.  This may be an important week for you.

Virgo:  This is the week that you can find a resolution to financial confusion and make sense of whatever problems you may have had in this area.  A puzzle will be solved. The direction of your career or life pursuits becomes more definite as a period of murky fog begins to clear.  At least you know the next step.

Libra: On the 23rd, your ruling planet, Venus, enters the second house of income and self-worth.  She will remain there until mid-Nov.  Your concerns about finances will feel lightened.  Debts owed to you may be paid.  Meanwhile others will let you know how much you are appreciated.

Scorpio the Phoenix:  (Oct. 23 -- Nov 20) You are likely to have an especially interesting week.  Read the lead paragraph about the New Moon eclipse occurring in your sign.  That, in itself, is powerful enough.  But then you have both the Sun and Venus entering your sign, portending love and good fortune. As Mercury turns direct on the 25th, you are likely to make a decision and move forward.

Sagittarius:  Aspects favor parties, community activities, travel with friends, and legal, publishing, or Internet activities.  That should be enough to keep you busy.  The Archer, forever a bachelor or bachelorette, is even more independent than normal from now through next summer.

Capricorn:  Mars, the warrior, enters your sign this week and will be traveling with you for seven weeks.  This energy is especially helpful in defining our boundaries.  Periodically we need to examine who we are and also who we are not.  Often something is eliminated.  In general, it increases your courage and physical strength.

Aquarius:  The New Moon eclipse is exactly on your midheaven this week.  This suggests a new development in your career or life direction.  It offers promise for the future if you like current situation.  If you are unhappy, this eclipse may set your feet onto a path of change and transformation that will prove life altering in time.

Pisces: During this month you are contemplating your existence.  You are thinking about how you can position yourself in order to feel more sense of meaning in your work, your family, and your relationships.  Some may be pondering on the level of the spiritual.  “What is the ‘best’ that I can become?”  “How may I be of service to humankind?”

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