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I served on the Black Mountain Merchants Association for years before the Cave Creek Council asked us to become the Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce. The town often asked us to take a stipend of $25,000 annually. I always voted NO, but was always outvoted. I didn't then, and I don't now think, the council should be recycling tax money. There was time when more and more non-profits waited patiently with their palms up waiting for tax dollars.

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Is Obama presidentially-incapacitated by narcissistic rage?

For those perplexed by Barack Obama's often inexplicable behavior, wonder no more.

An individual with narcissistic personality disorder exhibits extreme self-importance, has a constant need for attention and admiration, is secretive and controlling, cannot empathize with others, and has a heightened sensitivity to criticism. To get the attention he craves, a narcissist may try to create crises or diversions that return the focus to him. The narcissist feels entitled, that the world owes him, regardless of whether he makes a contribution.

BY Matt Barber   |  SEPTEMBER 10, 2014

How Christian children should deal with 'LGBT' peers

None can deny the fast-rising popularity and approval of the “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender” (LGBT) lifestyles. Most especially, perhaps, the “bisexual orientation,” which has become rather fashionable and, hence, more frequently practiced among today’s blindly “tolerant” millennial generation.

BY Robert Quinn   |  SEPTEMBER 10, 2014

Barack Obama – The man who stole America – Part I

Six years ago, I started reading articles challenging whether Barack Obama was ever eligible to have sought the Office of President of the United States. The more I read and researched the more evident it became that he had perpetrated the greatest political hoax ever against our Nation. Following is a recap of my writings on this issue which conforms with what millions now proclaim, namely, that the man currently in the White House is not, and never was, the President of the United States; a man who will do anything to prevent his birth records from being viewed, as you will read in this and future articles. In a previous election, I was prepared to vote for Herman Cain until he dropped out of the Race, and I, a Caucasian, am prepared to vote for another African-American in 2016. My voting is not based on the "transparency" a candidate claims to have but on the "transparency" he or she exhibits.

BY Larry Klayman  |  SEPTEMBER 10, 2014

Time to limit Muslim immigration

The time for political correctness is over. It is time to call it like it is. The nation hangs in the balance, and making excuses for the destructive conduct of President Barack Hussein Obama and his American Muslim constituency no longer cuts it. His acts are not the result of someone who is ill-prepared and disconnected from the office of the president. He and his racist, anti-white, socialist, anti-Semitic and anti-Christian minions – from Attorney General Eric Holder, to Secretary of State John Kerry, to closet Muslim Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan – know exactly what they are doing.