Birds aren't the only ones getting plucked

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SPOOF SPACEA seriously funny joke was told by Dr. Ben Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon, now a nationally recognized political commentator, speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast last February. The joke was intended as a prediction of what can happen to America if its voice is throttled by a government whose direction is so alien to its fundamental principles that it threatens the country's constitutional freedoms.

History has proven that Republics like The United States do self-destruction well. It happens mostly because electorates are too distracted by ignorance or too much enjoyment of their benefits to perceive the gradual impingements of "Change" imposed for the "common good" by devious governments. In America, the Obama "Change," or to use his own rhetoric, "Fundamental transformation of America," is fundamental alright. Fundamental misguided liberalism dedicated to controlling individual freedom using the standard phony appeals for "social justice" and wealth sharing as "fairness." The preachers of what is "fair" use propaganda, political correctness and the gradual erosion of the rule of law, executive fiat and government agency usurpation of legislative authority. Masters of the practice are Eric Holder, Obama, IRS, EPA and other members of the outhouse brigade.

Dr. Carson's joke was intended as a prophetic projection of America's failure to wake up and speak out. The joke: "A very successful businessman always wanted to give his mother a unique and valuable gift on Mother's Day. He finally found a pair of very unusual birds, trained to dance and talk, and had them delivered to his mother's house. When he called to see how she liked the birds, she said, "Oh they were good." In shock he said, "Oh no, you didn't eat the birds? They were very special, cost $5,000 each, could dance and talk!" His mother replied, "Well, they should have said something!"

The idea the doctor wanted to convey was for Americans to speak out and he cited examples of abuses that are dangerous to a free society. Later he related his own conspicuous first-time ever IRS audit after his comments at the Prayer Breakfast. Other instances are multiple improper interferences and improprieties he likened to similar abuses that were typical during the establishment of Hitler's Germany. "Political correctness" is the potential equivalent of Gestapo thought control because it creates fear of retribution. A few examples: IRS discrimination of conservative applications for 501c 3s to silence their freedom of expression and the probability that the scathing films about the Obama administration produced by Dinesh D'Souza may have caused retaliation by the Justice Department's indictment for a minor political contribution violation.

The increasing number of foreign policy blunders, violations of Constitutional Law, and the imposition of wrong-headed radical distortions of social justice are warnings from an old fashioned patriot, Dr. Ben Carson, politely urging Americans to get involved by speaking out. But the most effective comment on the self-destructive silence of an uninvolved America comes, as always, from voices of reality like my grandmother down on the farm. Knowing the smells of methane and manure helps to understand that under Obama and his regime, Americans are getting plucked like a bunch of chickens and will be eaten alive if they don't "say something" and wake up. They need to vote out every plucker who helps Obama produce another turkey.

To more emphatically end this justifiable diatribe of unforgivable mixed metaphors, the translation of Dr. Carson's warning is, "Don't let yourself be gobbled-up by a bunch of featherweight bird-brains trying to "fundamentally" screw up the greatest country on earth."