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Too much people food! Healing Heart Pet Chapel

It is very tempting to throw down scraps from the dinner table to that adorable doggie face looking up at you. But did you know too much processed human food can be harmful to your furry friend? Their bodies are not accustomed to processed foods and it could lead to urinary problems and even kidney stones! You may think you are giving them a treat when in reality you are handing them poison. Stick to treats specifically made for dogs with natural ingredients.


Pet of the Week: Seraphina

mullet overMULLET OVER BY JAMES K. WHITE  |  JUNE 18, 2014

The most popular fruit in the world

Not all magnets have two poles – north & south. This discovery contradicts what I was taught in physics classes, but it was mathematically predicted by Nobel Prize winner Paul Dirac. No monopole magnets have been discovered to exist in nature, but physicists at Amherst College have constructed a magnet with only one pole.