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my view by don sorchychBY DON SORCHYCH | JUNE 11, 2014

Blaine Keith   •   Lawyering up

Colonel Blaine Keith, our friend and my father (even though our ages are separated by only six years) is moving. He is well known in Carefree and all over the country due to his stellar service in the military, both WWII and the Korean War, where he excelled as a Marine fighter pilot starting at age 17. He went on to be the lead engineer for NASA's Space flight programs was the President of Goodyear in the west. 

Guest Editorials:

BY JOHN G. FORD | JUNE 11, 2014

My response to a personal attack

Councilman Reg Monachino questioned my knowledge and understanding of the Town of Cave Creek form of government and made personal attacks on my integrity based on an editorial I wrote several weeks ago.


How Obama survives: Ideology trumps objectivity in the media

Many Americans wonder why Barack Obama so consistently executes policies that are so damaging and so antithetical to American interests and, given his record of foreign policy defeats and humiliations and failures at home, how he can still survive in office.


Clever new approach – Disarm women

The lamestream media told you that following a horrible gun tragedy we've got to do something about the guns the entire public owns. It became clear eventually that three people were shot on the far left side of the country, by one crazed madman, who first stabbed three people to death, then killed one with his car, before committing suicide.

BY TOM TOTH | JUNE 11, 2014

Help Wanted: One in six men aged 25-54 not working

Five years into Obama's presidency, the United States looks very different than it did in years past.

Over 10.2 million American men between the ages of 25-54 — about seventeen percent of that age group — are not currently working. Two thirds of them have given up on looking for work altogether. As a comparison, in the early 1970s, only seven percent from the same age group was not working.