JUNE 4, 2014

The liberals have a new way to attack conservatives on health

Liberals use VA scandals to attack conservatives
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WASHINGTON, DC – “The liberal media is out in force to distract voters on health care issues – they accuse them of using the VA scandals and the specter of rationing as political maneuvers," according to advocate for the elderly, Dan Weber.

Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, said "there's been a recent spate of articles criticizing coverage of the shabby treatment wounded warriors have gotten at the hands of the Veterans Administration for being some sort of Republican scheme,  One headline in particular caught my eye at Salon.Com, one of the most liberal news sites on the Internet.  It screamed: 'The right's sad VA hypocrisy.'   But, it was the publication that was being hypocritical by using the plight of veterans for its own propaganda purposes."

He said that the article was a defense of the Obama Administration and its signature health care law, lacking any discussion of the vets who died or who had their afflictions exacerbated due to bureaucratic delays and denials of treatment.  "If that isn't rationing, I don't know what is." 

Weber said "the story also failed to mention Democrat David Scott of Georgia who gave one of the most impassioned condemnations of the VA scandal on the House floor, calling for the resignation of VA Secretary Shinseki and shouting, 'Mr. President, we need urgency!' 

He was the first Democrat to come out and admit the failure of the administration to deal with the "disservice the VA has offered to veterans in the nearly six years since President Obama was elected and famously boasted that vets would be a priority for his administration."

Soon after Scott delivered his challenge to President Obama, many more Democrats have joined him, including Senators Mark Udall D-CO, Kay Hagan D-NC and John Walsh D-MT and a string of others.

Representative Scott also tweeted his dissatisfaction at the way the scandal is being characterized, pointing out that it is not a partisan issue.  Instead, he called it an American issue, Weber noted.

He added that it is precisely because the issue is an 'American issue' that it can be seriously detrimental to the liberal cause.  "Thus, the liberal media is out in force to distract voters.  They seek to draw attention away from the incompetency and complacency of government run health care as epitomized by the Veterans Administration.  They can't afford it at a time when the failures of Obamacare are uppermost in the minds of liberal members of Congress who are up for reelection in November.  But they can't prevent the legitimate speculation the VA scandals have generated regarding the threat of rationing implicit in Obamacare or the reminders that long waits are in store for those seeking medical attention under the health care law."

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