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PET NEWSMAY 21, 2014

To declaw or not to declaw

As much as you love Fluffy, his constant need to claw your living room sofa isn’t exactly desirable. After furnishing your home with numerous scratching posts and still no improvement, you may be asking yourself, “what now?” As a very last resort, it may be time to consider declawing surgery. A choice not without controversy, the procedure should only be done after careful consideration with all of the facts.

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Pet of the Week: Larkin

steele coddington sppof spaceSPOOF SPACE BY STEELE CODDINGTON  |  MAY 21, 2014

The fickle finger of fate

One meaning of the alliterative phrase The Fickle Finger of Fate is defined as "A series of very unlucky or unfortunate events." I must admit that increasingly my own image of The Fickle Finger is part of the current regime’s giant government hand displaying an obscene gesture at an over-taxed public still desperately looking for a job after six years of empty promises and demeaning programs to placate victims on their way down the road of life-long dependency.

BOOK NOOK  |  APRIL 30, 2014

methuselahFormer Cave Creek resident authors second book

Stephen Morris, a former resident of Cave Creek (and a former editor of Sonoran News 1995) has published his second book with Amazon. Titled “Methuselah’s Memoirs” the book is a fictional account of a family that lived in the times just before the great flood predicted by Noah.

BOOK NOOK  |  APRIL 23, 2014

One man's trash is another man's music:
THINK … Before You Throw It Away

THINK BEFORE YOU THROW IT AWAYFORT WORTH, Texas – One man's trash is another man's treasure, but have you ever thought that it could also be someone's music?  If you've ever seen a Vocal Trash performance you know this to be true.  Using clever one-of-a-kind upcycled instruments, their music-with-a-message inspires audiences to step-up their recycling efforts. Vocal Trash's lead singer, Kelsey Rae, has taken this a step further in her new children's book, THINK … Before You Throw It Away.