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PET NEWSMAY 14, 2014

Onset of high temperatures poses dangers to pets

Tips to keep pets safe

PHOENIX — As temperatures climb back into the 90s, the Arizona Animal Welfare League & Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (AAWL & SPCA) is reminding pet owners not to leave animals in their cars and offering other ways to keep them safe.


Pet of the Week: Larkin


Encouraging news

The FDA has recently approved a pill-sized camera that can be swallowed. The device transmits images while wending through human digestive tracts. Understandably, fans of colonoscopy fear that cherished procedure may become less popular.

BOOK NOOK  |  APRIL 30, 2014

methuselahFormer Cave Creek resident authors second book

Stephen Morris, a former resident of Cave Creek (and a former editor of Sonoran News 1995) has published his second book with Amazon. Titled “Methuselah’s Memoirs” the book is a fictional account of a family that lived in the times just before the great flood predicted by Noah.

BOOK NOOK  |  APRIL 23, 2014

One man's trash is another man's music:
THINK … Before You Throw It Away

THINK BEFORE YOU THROW IT AWAYFORT WORTH, Texas – One man's trash is another man's treasure, but have you ever thought that it could also be someone's music?  If you've ever seen a Vocal Trash performance you know this to be true.  Using clever one-of-a-kind upcycled instruments, their music-with-a-message inspires audiences to step-up their recycling efforts. Vocal Trash's lead singer, Kelsey Rae, has taken this a step further in her new children's book, THINK … Before You Throw It Away.