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Harmful plants

From your friends at Foothills Animal Rescue

Spring has arrived and that means some of you will be getting your green thumb on and sprucing up your home for new life forms in your home or yard. Plants help cozy up a living space, but pet owners should be extra careful when choosing greenery. More than 700 plants contain toxic substances that may harm dogs or cats if ingested.

Pets TomoTherapy: High-tech therapy

TomoTherapy, a state-of-the-art radiation therapy system that delivers precise image-guided radiation therapy, allows veterinarians to pinpoint a tumorís size, shape, and location seconds before radiation therapy begins. Though fairly expensive and meticulous, the benefit and accuracy of this treatment certainly exceeds the costs when your best friendís life is at stake.


Pet of the Week: Mieka


Freedom's just another word ... to lose

steele coddingtonBack in the 60s Janis Joplin belted out the really maudlin ballad, Me and Bobby McGee, as an expression of futility. "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose," was a sadly delusional misconception leading inevitably to the conviction that if you have nothing, then you have nothing left to lose. With nothing to lose, there is no individual responsibility, let someone else take on that role – I don't care because I'm free. It's incredibly coincidental that that mentality is the formula of today's meaningless but subtle political articulation the radical left in the U.S. uses to undermine individual responsibility and subliminally corrupt ignorant and low information voters into thinking that Obama's version of Social Justice is free, fair and the democratic path to equality.

BOOK NOOK  |  APRIL 30, 2014

methuselahFormer Cave Creek resident authors second book

Stephen Morris, a former resident of Cave Creek (and a former editor of Sonoran News 1995) has published his second book with Amazon. Titled “Methuselah’s Memoirs” the book is a fictional account of a family that lived in the times just before the great flood predicted by Noah.

BOOK NOOK  |  APRIL 23, 2014

One man's trash is another man's music:
THINK … Before You Throw It Away

THINK BEFORE YOU THROW IT AWAYFORT WORTH, Texas – One man's trash is another man's treasure, but have you ever thought that it could also be someone's music?  If you've ever seen a Vocal Trash performance you know this to be true.  Using clever one-of-a-kind upcycled instruments, their music-with-a-message inspires audiences to step-up their recycling efforts. Vocal Trash's lead singer, Kelsey Rae, has taken this a step further in her new children's book, THINK … Before You Throw It Away.