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May 7 – 13, 2014


For All Signs: This is a week that may provoke confrontations and battles. If the energies are acted upon favorably everyone would put their cards on the table and opposing parties would be brought to a point of cooperation. There are two sets of opposing planetary energies. The first is Venus opposite Mars, a combination that can make or break relationships. The second opposition is between the Sun and Saturn. This brings emphasis to political or corporate parties. Many individuals and relationships are undergoing tests at this time. It is a time in which those who have prepared well and can maintain relationships in tough circumstances will win the prize. It requires that opposing parties must will cooperation rather than banging their heads together until the situation cracks.

Aries: Within relationships of intensity, there is often a strong sexual attraction, whether or not your personalities are compatible. If the sexual component is not recognized, it may be transmuted into a competition. Avoid commitment to any new relationship on your radar. You need to know more about the individual.

Taurus: Make note of the lead paragraph, both oppositions pertain to you at this time. You are being tested or you are judging in more than one situation. If you back out you have definitely lost. If you face the truth head on, you will grow in stature and maturity.

Gemini: Mercury travels rapidly through your sign between May 7 and May 30. During this period there likely will be greater emphasis on communications, errands, and other short distance travels. Your mind will be quick and your attitude persuasive. You are loaded with ideas, so remember not to monopolize conversations.

Cancer: You have a desire to reach outward to others. You want to share ideas and express yourself in a larger framework. It seems everyone is interested in what you think. Circumstances on the home front are favorable with one who shares intellectual interests. Activities involving legal interests, teaching or learning are positive.

Leo: This is a week of scrutiny. It is possible that you are being tested now. You will get what you deserve. If you have prepared well, you will win the prize or the honor. You may have begun a challenging project during the previous fall which is now ready for unveiling and evaluation.

Virgo: Your attention turns toward your life direction at this time. For many this is reflected by the career path. You may be researching needed information or talking with others about where you are headed. Your work is on display or otherwise noticed during this period. The outlook is favorable.

Libra: You may be backpedaling your way out of one or more relationships right now. What you fear is being smothered or overwhelmed. Your ruling planet, Mars, is retrograde. Be aware that the war is really internal. Perhaps you let yourself become closer than you really wanted.

Scorpio: You may have an experience in which you feel a figurative sniper at your back. Defend yourself if you absolutely must, but life will be easier if you ignore it. Your sniper will not recognize it and confrontation may become embarrassing.

Sagittarius: You have a desire to celebrate. The temptation to overspend is strong. Consider what would be fun and interesting that doesn't require a big expenditure. Activities concerning education, publishing, the law, and travel have positive aspects. You are talkative and in an inquisitive frame of mind.

Capricorn: During this period the fruits of your labors become apparent. People will be offering messages to you about your character and how you have progressed over the years. You may observe your relationship to your children at this point. That is one place you can clearly see outcomes.

Aquarius: Last fall you began a new project in relation to your work in the world. You knew it would take some time to develop, but you felt it was worth the effort. During this period you will have feedback from the world on the value of that idea. Don’t listen to self-criticism, which is almost always unfair to you.

Pisces: A misunderstanding could develop between you and a close friend or family member. The blame game is useless. Do your best to unwind the thread to the point that it began and start fresh. It is possible that you will have a minor case of laryngitis. Pipes, whether in your body or your house may need clearing.

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