Has life gotten too quiet? Barbara Friedman of Valley Audiology can help

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valley audiologyCAREFREE – If you wait until the check engine light comes on in your car before finding out why it’s running rough, you may be one of those who delays having your hearing tested until your contributions to conversations consist of “Huh?” “What?” and “Will you repeat that?”

Did you know that barring any obvious hearing loss, it’s advisable to have your hearing tested at age 40 to establish a baseline? (Around 40 your hearing begins to naturally decline.) If you missed the medical memo, it’s never too late. Board certified Barbara Friedman of Valley Audiology (above) is conveniently located in the offices of Foothills Chiropractic (7208 E. Cave Creek Rd.) and can tend to your hearing needs.

Sessions with Friedman are quite thorough. She asks lots of questions so any concerns are addressed. She listens; she cares. Next, the hearing test. In a cozy booth, the headphones go on and you buzz in when you hear tones. Following, you repeat words you hear. The exercises take about a half hour. Friedman goes over your results and if there is substantial hearing loss, she’ll discuss your options. She works with many hearing aid manufacturers and be aware they’ve come a long way from one-style-fits-all. Today’s aids can be so tiny they are barely visible! Because hearing aids can start at $1800/pair, Friedman can often track down reconditioned aids for those with financial constraints.

Friedman has been helping folks hear more clearly for over 20 years. She finds it rewarding and has even volunteered in Mexico so that in three days, 70 people could hear better! Friedman works by appointment, many stemming from referrals and repeat clients. If otology issues are out of her realm of expertise, Friedman can recommend an ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor.

Give Barbara Friedman of Valley Audiology a call at 602-576-2988 so you can see firsthand why she says: “I love what I do. This is a great business to be in if you care about people and want to help them.”