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To Cave Creek Town Council:

Hello. Special events and community promotions are generally good for business in Cave Creek. However, blocking, stopping and slowing traffic on the only roadway through Cave Creek is not good for the public at large. I do not recall anyone in the community supporting turning Cave Creek Road into a motorcycle parking lot for the benefit of a couple of businesses. The aforementioned businesses were granted permits based on inaccurate applications claiming to have secured adequate parking. Let these businesses have their events, but do not inconvenience Cave Creek residents and other businesses that do not directly benefit from these promotions.

Thank you.

John Hoeppner
Cave Creek

The company they keep

Donna LaMar recently cited the old quote that “a man is known by the company he keeps” while discussing the cowardly bloggers organized to support the Trenk, Monachino, Durkin & Spitzer slate. Certainly, that quote applies to the ethically challenged Adam Trenk and the slate when one considers their friends who exist in the open.

T C Thorstenson, the hard drinking, headline grabbing, incontinent proprietor of the Hogs N Horses body shop and, temporarily at least, jailbird emeritus is Trenk’s longest and best friend in Cave Creek. Trenk has always been his close friend, attorney, statutory agent, strongest supporter, and a council vote Thorstenson could count on no matter how egregious the issue or direct the conflict.

Rodney Glassman, the hapless unemployed Tucson hack, wannabe politician, “Boycott Arizona” Grijalva’s right hand man, reported PhD plagiarist and the man branded as not having the integrity to serve in public office by Arizona’s Senior Senator is Trenk’s very close friend. The bobbleheads lined right up with Trenk to hire him as interim town manager.

Next we have Mike Chutz, the Pennsylvania resident who, with his best friend Trenk, the Scottsdale resident, developed and poured tons of money into the biggest of the BIG LIES to get the slate elected - the infamous and ephemeral resort that was never a real issue and never passed muster with the then existing town council. Trenk and the slate love this guy and are now deeply indebted to him.

Finally we have the enabling bobbleheads, Durkin, Spitzer and Monachino, who supported the ethically challenged Trenk 100 percent by lying about the resort that never really was (and many other issues), firing the town manager and hiring Glassman to the taxpayer tune of $100,000 for 6 months of trying to land his next job. Together, they are costing the town hundreds of thousands of additional dollars defending their reckless firing of the town manager and the biggest ($3million) shoe has not yet dropped. I‘ve said enough about their good buddy, Rodney Glassman.

Yes indeed, a man is known by the company he keeps and the bar could not be set any lower with Trenk and his bobbleheads. They have betrayed us all.

Sign the recall petitions and vote them out!

Bob Williams
Cave Creek


The slate

How in the heck could you guys elect this bunch of bums?  HOW?

As somebody said to me………."the people of Cave Creek could not care less before an election," but after, they’re like rattlesnakes.

Many of us in Scottsdale love the fact that Cave Creek never has and never will get it.

Rita Gray


Where do you get this stuff?

After reading your paper last evening, I searched online this morning to see if I could find out more about the Malaysian aircraft debris found in the Tonto National Forest and found nothing. I also searched for the illegal immigrants being signed up for Obamacare in Texas, again nothing. Sometimes I wonder if these articles are made up when they sound so far fetched that it must not be true! 

Barbara Chettle


Hi Barbara,
Did you notice the first front page was named the April Fools edition? After that page it was all truth.
Don Sorchych


OMG, you got me!
Barbara Chettle


Posted on Sonoran News's Facebook timeline

"Loved your April Fool's edition . . . my first thought was, they've turned into the National Enquirer! LOL"
Jeannine Scott Dittoe

"Brilliant April fools edition ... Love it so much ... I was absolutely April fooled :) talented
writers "
Johanne Hendrickx-Bailey

"I think you missed the April Fools Guest Editorial by one day- I mean the April 2 Guest Editorial by Lawrence Sellin HAD to be a joke, right? The Sonoran News isn't really giving credence to birthers...?
Timothy Shopp


Your article on Flight 370

I read your article in the April Foods edition and found it in very poor taste if not shameful. There were over 200 people on that flight who are presumed dead. There is a good chance that the wreckage may never be found and the families never find closure. I wonder how you would feel after reading this article if one of those unfortunate souls was a relative of yours. How your editor allowed this to be published is beyond me.
John Jasensky

I think that your story on the missing Malaysian Jetliner was in very poor taste.  It is
nothing to make fun of.  There are families grieving and you think it is a joke.  I know most of those grieving will never see this but you should be ashamed.  It is such a horrific incident for all involved. 
Thank You
Sharon Stickney

To those of you who wrote and those of you who feel the same way they do...

We sincerely apologize for any perceived insensitivity regarding the April Fools Flight 370 article. It is not, nor will it ever be our intention to offend. We pray for the people on Flight 370 and their families. It is a tragedy of horrific proportions.

Don Sorchych


Friend of Convention of States,

Thanks to your calls and emails, legislators throughout the Arizona House have decided to support SCR 1016 to call a Convention of States.

Both Speaker of the House Andy Tobin and Rules Committee Chairman Bob Robson have told us they are behind our efforts.

Our application (SCR 1016), however, is still not on the House Rules Committee agenda. Speaker Tobin and Representative Robson need to know they have their constituents' support when they move forward on our Convention of States application to limit the federal government.

Please take a moment to contact Speaker Tobin and Representative Robson. You can find their contact information below as well as a sample email.

Speaker of the House Andy Tobin –, 602-926-5172

Representative Bob Robson -, (602) 926-5549

Dear Representative Robson/Speaker Tobin,

First, thank you for all your hard work this legislative session. I am truly grateful for your service to the people of Arizona.

I'm writing to request that you place SCR 1016 to call a Convention of States on the House Rules Committee agenda. I believe a Convention of States is the last, best chance to preserve liberty in this country, and I believe this is one of the most important resolutions this legislative session.

Please make limiting the federal government through a Convention of States your top priority as this session comes to a close.

[Your Name]

It's been a long road in Arizona, but we can succeed with your help. Thanks for all you've done to fight for liberty in this country.


Arizona Convention of States Team

The Convention of States Project is a project of Citizens for Self-Governance.


It’s time to move on

It doesn’t matter at this point if you love or hate Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) because no matter how many times the President alters it; it is the law of the land. One can only hope that the Republicans will draft cohesive, common-sense and non-divisive plans to make the changes that will actually offer affordable health care plans to those who were not insured. As a campaign issue, the candidates need to put forth workable ideas without rancor and the continual being against it.

It is time for both parties to address the issue of immigration reform after talking about it for more than a decade. For the most part, both parties agree that border security is the most important step. We need not offer a whole package that gives Congressmen and Senators the opportunity to make trades for votes. Comprehensive reform only means we’ll do it all in one bill and that isn’t necessary. Those who believe that anything short of deportation is amnesty are just wrong, and those who want immediate citizenship for the illegal is equally wrong.

There are solutions to these problems and it is clear that only when the elected can state their case so that it makes sense and is fair to the voting public will make progress.

Yours truly,

Len Gifford
Cave Creek


Military power deters adversaries

We are cutting back our military because the current administration believes the world is a safer place.

The administration wants to cut the Army by 80,000 to 440,000, which is the smallest since 1940, just prior to our unprepared entry into WWII. It wants to eliminate the A-10 aircraft, which is a tank killer that supports our ground troops. It announced a cut in the Navy, building only 32 Littoral Combat Ships, versus the 52 originally planned. The savings will be $3.5 billion over five years. If we cut our annual foreign aid by 10%, we will save $18.5 billion in five years.

Our military cuts are proposed while potential adversaries increase their military power. Russia grabbed the Crimea and is expanding its military, which has 760,000 active troops and 2,500,000 reservists, along with 43,000 armored vehicles. China has 2,285,000 active troops and 2,300,000 reservists, and 14,000 armored vehicles. North Korea has 690,000 active troops and 4,500,000 reservists, and 9,000 armored vehicles.

Although our technologically advanced military has provided superior firepower, we always had to use significant ground forces supported by aircraft to take back territory occupied by our enemies.

Military might, not beautiful words, will deter potential adversaries.

Donald A. Moskowitz
Londonderry, New Hampshire


Putin’s pugnacious style vs Obama’s

Suggest that you do recall "The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword."

George VH