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Parents’ guide to bite prevention

Dr. Mark Stickney, a clinical associate professor at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine, was recently mentioned in the article, “Extreme Groomers Give Dogs Dazzle,” regarding creative and eccentric grooming for dogs. Everything from Mohawks, flower designs and temporary paint tattoos are created on the animal for “bonding” between a person and their pooch. Harmless yet extravagant, this extreme grooming fad is becoming increasingly popular among dog owners.


Pet of the Week: Simone

Triple R Horse Rescue

Wanted: Volunteers Ranch Appreciation Day


Old lady on a dark street

Steele Coddington"The British are coming! The British are coming!" was Paul Revere's warning of a peril about to take away the freedoms of a people "yearning to breathe free" in a colony ruled by an unreasonable Monarch. Today it's not the British that represent a threat to that old colony, but a new form of Monarchy wrapped in radical clothing at home, and foreign aggressors like Russia, China, Iran, Sharia Law advocates, weapons of mass destruction, etc, etc. Every thug in the world sees America as a nice old lady with a purse full of money, shuffling down a dark street exposed to assault, robbery and serious injury because she's advertised her own vulnerability by her inability to recognize obvious "clear and present danger."

BOOK NOOK  |  MARCH 5, 2014

bookBack to the roots of Christianity

Author expounds on what the Bible says Christians are doing wrong

PHOENIX — Just as technology has evolved and shifted the way we communicate over the past century, some would claim the practice of Christianity has weathered an even greater seismic shift.