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Ukraine and Russia, Russia and Ukraine – The Responsibilities of “Life” Mis-organized

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We, modern men and women, sometimes do not recognize the difference between the feeling of correctness, because it springs from the magnificence and power of pondering and deciding, and the requirements for the day.

Ukraine and Russia has always had to not leave one or the other behind. This was true before Europe became competent and tempered because of their long time connections which has resulted in common root sound connections in their different languages. You know in their Hey You(s)”, in their I Love You(s)”, in their Can I Help(s).?

While it is natural for us humans to first deal with whatever has gotten on our nerves before we think about it, sadly, we also cannot escape the moments that require exact understandings to come first. The Ukraine and Russia situation is one that adheres to the exact understandings first requirement. The demands in the process of making the day while maintaining the individual quality of the soul:

* has caused the Ukrainians to improperly devalue the importance of the fact that … The European Union’s offer only allowed one thing to be done even though there were always two things to be done.

* has caused the Ukrainians to improperly devalue the importance of the fact that …Europe is presenting everything as a problem with Russia, even though historically it was part of what everyone saw, and what everyone did not see. Even though my statement about Europe is true, it is also true that Russia like any great mass of people who no matter how much they sweat are unable to solve every problem or produce everything that is required, has aggressively looked to the horizon for more surface class deposits of whatever is required and whatever might be unknown. So like everyone else everywhere, it is also true that there have been times when Russian choices had to be prevented, and will be times when Russian choices will have to be prevented. What must be paid attention to here is that the Ukrainians have lost the proper comprehension of what it means that European Kings had always tried to conquer and own Eurasia, especially the gem called Russia. This means that the Ukrainians must gain better 21st Century intellectual abilities, tools, and necessities for comprehension of problem solving order of precedence.

* has caused the Ukrainians to improperly devalue the importance of the fact that …Even though the current drumbeat from Europe about what the baseline for life is, is absolutely correct, they made it look like Ukraine, in spite of an approximately 1,426 mile border with Russia, should break all of its ties with Russia, while Europe and the rest of the world are trying to integrate as many of their business solutions/connections with Russia as they can. Not even secure nations do such a thing with the nations on their borders.

* has caused the Ukrainians to improperly devalue the importance of the fact that …Almost everyone in Europe and Eurasia had to believe in the severe ideas that motivated the ability to get rid of the improper use of authority by the then Kings and Lords. Almost everyone in the world believed that a person had the right to not be property, including those who formed the ideals of the Russian Revolution. Ukraine’s grandparents believed it too, and wholly put their souls, and their futures, and their lives into trying to make it be. They taught it to their children and did not allow them to not do it. The children of their children taught it to their children and did not allow them to not do it. The children of their children of their children, and so on. They were/are people like the rest of us, who simply got the method wrong, and powered it with the un-restrain-able requirement to obey their grandparents. You see the performance of the act of allowing free choice is a learned activity that requires that everyone be able to safely turn their back to another whether they exactly agree or not. Any human or group of humans unable to make things operate this way will choose the whip/ruthless-authority as what Lifedemands just like the grandparents of everyone in the world have done for periods of their history. Effectively, the nations in the proximity of Ukraine, Russia, and Eurasia have just begun to learn how not to have to aggressively herd everyone’s thinking every minute of the day. They have just learned that they too have the muss skulls(muscles) required to learn and teach how to perform the act of allowing free choice. Even though the Ukrainians must not succumb to tyranny from anyone, they must not lose track of the true composition and the modern tools of process that can remold the pieces that once could only be survived because there were more bodies than the incorrect could take. If they check it, they will see that this has been the procedure that God Himself has used from the beginning of the allowance of Free Will.

* has caused the Ukrainians to improperly devalue the importance of the fact that … Now that all of their past preferences no longer make sense to them, they must not try to hide their faces using the European Union. It truly hurts the ALL Nations on the planet requirement to maintain safe passage for those who cannot make the transition even though they could accept it. The modern term for this is backwards compatibility. Backwards compatibility means that accumulation can take more time than your brain allows, and more time than is available to fairly disperse. Everyone so readily accepts this necessity when it comes to devices without being aware that our devices are an exact replica of how much we can think, how long we can last, how much we can take, and the way that skin has to do it.

* has caused the Ukrainians to improperly devalue the importance of the fact that … They have mis-handled the proof of true and real change. Even though NATO has and continues to aggressively represent its people’s proof that they live Lifeas it is supposed to be lived, the then Soviet Union did not have to change. In fact, they could not change unless most/the key people in the KGB had also come to the conclusion that they were taught to use the wrong methods to make Lifebetter. That thought was the only thing that could cause their archives to be ransacked and sifted through and put on TV. This means that President Vladimir Putin like everyone else everywhere had to obey his grandparents, and that he did not create it, he was born to it, and like a good child and son operated it until it became clear that his grandparents did not choose the right methods. Choosing the wrong methods still happens to everyone everywhere, most of us modern humans have simply learned what we must not let an incorrect choice make us relinquish, or refuse to endure. The fact that the Russians could not change unless most/the key people in the KGB agreed also means that President Vladimir Putin can be convinced by anyone who while taking care of themselves also structures things so that it will take care of/safeguard the Russian Soul.

As for as corruption/strong arm thugs/criminals are concerned, we in the West, historically speaking, have just gotten ours to a controllable/survivable level. We incrementally developed and deployed the checks and balances that changed the don’t have to think about it muchbeginning of Lifesurvival methods into regulations and enforcements that keep that sort of thing from becoming a prosperous/reliable choice. It happened incrementally because the unavoidable necessities were mixed in with and attached to things that still had to be personally churned/attached-to things-that-still had no backup. Even though they will still have to continuously require the Come here and say ah testwhen it comes to corruption, they can rest assured that anyone transitioning to the ability to express true love for their people cannot escape transforming corruption into the proper checks and balances. It will happen because anyone who has faced the change from what the Soviet Union use to believe with their lives is a true lover. Ukraine and Russia have a responsibility to help each other become all of the things that the change was intended to do. They must commit themselves to unified new creation class efforts that join Europe and simultaneously include Russia.

No matter what anyone in the world says, Ukraine and Russia are still the only ones responsible for finishing the effort to be as Omni-directional as everyone else is. Otherwisethey will become like almost all of the Arabic Peoples, the Persians, and some of the other Africans, and nobody wants to be like them. That isfor the next 5-7 thousand years or so anyone who truly knows these numbers and what they represent, also knows that they really mean tens of thousands-thousands the Ukrainians and the Russians will joyously be a television spectacle and do nothing but kill and mutilate each other’s men, women, and babies; and nobody will want to be like them either.