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March 5 – 11, 2014


For All Signs: Mars, known to the ancients as the god of war, turns retrograde on Mar. 1 and remains so until May 19. We have already experienced its beginning during the Feb. Pre-shadow. There will be a post-shadow period in June. Historically, those who draw a sword or attempt to expand power during these periods eventually find it turned against themselves. In our personal lives we are well advised to avoid extending our boundaries or initiating "war" on any front. It is said the defendant, not the aggressor, will win in any conflict as long as Mars retrogrades. It doesn't matter how big or "right" the primary aggressor may be. Perhaps the reason for this is the real battle is always the one we carry on within ourselves, even if it appears to be in the external world. When Mars is retrograde, the war is always internal. Blaming others just is not allowable. Check your sun and rising signs below to see how it impacts you.

Aries: Mars, the god of war, is in your partnership territory. Therefore it is particularly important not to attack another, verbally or physically. If you have enemies, let them make the first move and you will be assured of ultimate victory over the issue. Old issues in your primary relationships may be surfacing. If so, consider it an opportunity to handle it with greater maturity this time.

Taurus: The warrior energy is now in your 6th house of work and health. Since early December you have been moving as quickly as you can to cover all the bases and still maintain your health routines. While Mars is retrograde it is common to plateau on physical goals, such as weight loss, but it is temporary. Don’t let this plateau discourage you from what works.

Gemini: Mars is retrograding in the house concerning romance, children, gambling, and playful activities. While it is retrograde you may be strongly inclined to "go back" to a former condition in one or more of these areas. Newer romantic relationships may be put on hold for a few weeks. Somehow it just doesn’t feel like the right time to pursue a new love.

Cancer: Mars is retrograding in your territory of home and property. Because Mars rules machinery and tools of all kinds, there may be breakdowns of household gadgetry or vehicles that require repair. It is best to avoid buying new mechanical items while Mars is retrograding. Therefore it is generally better to repair or rent items until Mars is direct.

Leo: Mars is retrograding in the horoscope sector that relates to vehicles, sibs, neighbors and tools. Mars in this territory may represent the need to make repairs. Don't ignore strange car noises. It is possible that you are irritated with siblings, roommates, or neighbors, but now is not the time to initiate. Let them re-create the problem and then you may respond.

Virgo: Mars is in the sector related to income and outgo. You may feel absolutely compelled to purchase something expensive and impractical. It is more favorable to wait out the transit and see how you feel about it in late June. Meanwhile there may be more outgo than income, so use careful judgment about expenditures.

Libra: Your physical and libidinal energy may go into a dip for a while. You may be surprised to find that you have changed your mind about circumstances and people in your life. Do not worry. You haven't lost your mind. Your desire to back away is a signal that you are tired and burning out. Be honest about your need for a rest rather than leaving others hanging.

Scorpio: While Mars is retrograding, you probably will not have the energy and drive to which you are accustomed. It will do little good to beat yourself up over this issue. Consider that Mars is asking you to slow down, just for a couple of months. Your body needs a rest. And your mind needs time for reflection about your next direction.

Sagittarius: You may be recognizing the need to back off or back out of some of your friendships and community associations during this period. At minimum you will be reassessing why you are involved and whether you wish to continue in the future. If your motive for pursuing these activities is merely habit, maybe you need a break. Friends and associates from the past may resurface.

Capricorn: Issues of career and future direction are highlighted during this Mars retrograde. You may have thought you were headed in one direction, and now suddenly you are shifting into neutral or reverse. If so, this period offers a message to think this one over for a while. You probably need a better foundation or a truer motive to move forward.

Aquarius: You likely will experience delays in activities concerning the law, education, publishing and travel. If traveling, you may be going back to someplace where you have previously been. Or your plans may be delayed. You may have to redo paperwork in order to accomplish the same thing in a different style or format.

Pisces: Activities concerning taxes, insurance payoffs, government funding, and loans will likely be delayed, and maybe even denied. This is a good time to talk with your partner about issues concerning joint resources. It is not a good time to attack, but to discuss and look for jointly favorable solutions. Seeking a loan is not a good idea now.

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