"Apres moi, le deluge"


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SPOOF SPACE"After me, the flood," is a historical phrase of warning reputedly uttered by French King Louis XV, or his famous mistress Madam de Pompadour on his behalf, between bouts of bizarre behavior in the boudoir. (An award winning alliteration!). Historians' opinions differ on Louis XV, but many critical attributions exposing the failures of his reign seem to eerily confirm the proven affirmation "History repeats itself."

Add to that historical conviction a sense of "deja vu" – the illusion some previous experience is being reencountered in the present – and it becomes easy to connect Louis with Obama. It's particularly scary to see the purposeful political acts of the Obama regime produce similar conditions affecting the era of Louis XV. For example, one prominent historian described the state of the economy as, "The peasants (probably tax payers like you and me) worked til they dropped and citizens were forced to pay huge taxes."

Even more worrisome is how strikingly familiar the most famous fable of the day, "The Four Cats," derisively bandied about by French citizens, describes the political environment of Obama's leadership; "The thin cat is the people, the fat cat is the financiers, the one-eyed cat the ministry, and the blind cat the King who sees nothing and refuses to see anything."

The "Deluge" or "Flood" refers to the French Revolution that followed Louis XV and his successor, brought about by the regime's lies, incompetence, instability, failures, losses and corruption. Today there is another Revolution – the symbolic rise of the Tea Party and Conservatives expressing grass-roots frustration at the widespread corruption and selective discrimination reflected in IRS and other scandals, accompanied by Obama's illegal exercise of Executive Orders to achieve political objectives. All facilitated with purposeful lies so egregious he will go down in history as the most deceitful president to ever occupy the office.

His performance will earn him the Pinocchio Medal of Honor as the new head of the Top Ten list of liars and deceivers currently held by, to name a few, the likes of Bernie Madoff, for bilking millions from people who trusted him; Bill Clinton for, "I did not have sex with that woman"; Richard Nixon, Watergate; and the Trojan Horse, "be wary of Greeks bearing gifts." The kind of warning that if adhered to might have avoided a national scam destroying what was the best doctor/patient health system in the world and effectively achieving the real objective, a redistribution of wealth that will screw up the country for years.

The danger, when your leader is a liar, is nothing he says can be trusted, but good hearted people are reluctant to believe a destructive national agenda could be premeditated. So nothing is ever challenged! It is increasingly imperative for Republicans, Democrats, Independents and Tea Party Conservatives to listen to what have truly become the voices of truth from courageous patriots who value country over radical ideology: Dr. Ben Carson; Charles Krauthammer; Tim Scott, South Carolina Senator; former Congressman Allen West; Laura Ingraham; Thomas Sowel; George Will; Walter Williams; FOX News anchors; Ann Coulter; The Investors Business Daily; Wall Street Journal and National Review.

And write to the leaders of the Republican Party and advise them to hire Krauthammer as their brain on articulating issues and follow his advice!