AMAC: 'realities of liberal policies provide a rude awakening among voters'

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WASHINGTON, DC – "A variety of new polls show that Americans are increasingly disenchanted with the country's swing to the left over the past five years.  They provide new hope that we can restore the values that made the U.S. the most trusted and envied nation on the planet," according to personal rights activist Dan Weber.   

"The surveys reflect the fact that the realities of liberal policies are providing a rude awakening among voters.  It's a bad thing for liberal lawmakers who will face the electorate come November.  It's a good thing for those of us who seek to reestablish the American democracy envisioned by the Founding Fathers," Weber, who is president of the Association of Mature American Citizens, said.

He referenced a Washington Post/ABC News poll this week in which 79 percent of respondents said the nation was still bogged down in recession despite the official indicators which show the country is rebounding.  "The likely reason for the disparity is that the people don't believe 'official' explanations anymore," Weber explained.

"They learned a lesson the hard way from the botched efforts of government to wrest control of healthcare from the private sector in order to establish a new order based on socialist ideology."

Reflecting that view, he added, is a new Gallup poll that found a record 72 percent of Americans believe that the biggest threat the country faces today and in the future is "Big Government."

Meanwhile, President Obama has succeeded in losing credibility and public approval in the first year of his second term according to other recent independent surveys and Weber believes this will have a significant negative impact on liberal candidates in the mid-term elections.

"Americans have lost confidence in his administration.  They don't trust the government.  There is a growing wave of dissatisfaction sweeping the country even among those who once vowed blind loyalty.  'People feel very disappointed because they expected more,' as liberal journalist Barbara Walters admitted on a talk show a few days ago."

The administration is hoping that Obamacare will be up and running in time to allow voters to forget about its "debacle of a debut" well before November's elections.  "But the fact is that the worst is yet to come as far as the misnamed Affordable Care Act is concerned.  More people will lose coverage or have to struggle with high premiums and prohibitive deductibles as time goes on.  Many of them will have to go looking for new doctors," Weber said.

And then there are the IRS scandal, the so-called "Fast and Furious" scandal, the Benghazi affair and the various foreign policy failures in the Middle East, he noted.

"It's gotten so bad that just a few days ago 29 Congressmen got together to sponsor a Resolution in the House of Representatives rebuking President Obama for his missteps."

Weber believes the turmoil will continue through 2014 and that it will provide enough momentum to propel the Conservative cause.  "It will hopefully also provide the nation with a united Congress able to provide the Executive Branch with a responsible, potent, loyal opposition during Mr. Obama's remaining term of office."

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