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Well, Hmmph!

Dear Mr. Mayor and Council,

How could it be that Ian Cordwell, our current Town Planning Director, has not made the "final cut" and is not slated to be presented as one of the three candidates being considered for Cave Creek's next town manager? Frankly, I am surprised to have to address this egregious oversight.

Ian has served Cave Creek for over 17 years. He has earned the trust of our community both in his professional role and as a friend and neighbor. He is committed and knows full well the history and challenges facing this growing community of business owners, non-profit organizations, long-time residents and new-comers. He understands the inner workings of what transpires at Town Hall and is integral to the cohesiveness of a functioning staff. Intimately involved with regard to the development of Cave Creek policy and the future direction of this town, he is, no doubt, most knowledgeable. Furthermore, Ian possesses absolute grace and humor, confidence, and calm; no one else who serves the town has weathered the idiosyncrasies of Cave Creek with such modesty. 

We need someone we all know and trust, someone without a personal agenda, to put the welfare of Cave Creek first. Ian is a man capable of building bridges in our increasingly divisive community. He knows how to work with people and secure a shared vision. With his knowledge base, he has the equipment and tools to find appropriate solutions to the challenges that confront Cave Creek as we grow.

Most sincerely,

Suzanne D. Johnson
Cave Creek


Birds of a feather

Today, Tuesday, December 10, we have Mr. Obama and some past presidents attending Nelson Mandela's funeral rites.

Mandela spent 27 years in prison for terroristic activities and for stocking tons of military ordnance, including antipersonnel mines. He was a dedicated communist and terrorist. After his release, he took as his anthem a !Xhosa song urging the spilling of white blood.

Our leftist regimes since Reagan left office have lionized the crafty South African terrorist, with the complicity of the servile mainstream media in the USA. White guilt, anyone?

I can hardly wait for Fidel Castro to die: Comrade Dear and Glorious Ruler, Barack Hussein the Great, will probably fly to Havana, and then name a park in DC honoring the memory of the departed communist Cuban tyrant. Birds of a feather, do, indeed, flock together.

J-P. A. Maldonado


Watch The Selling of the Affordable Care Act

I strongly suggest you publicize this video of Nick Purpura related to the criminal acts of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid regarding Obamacare.

Peter Redpath
Cave Creek

Subject: Watch The Selling of the Affordable Care Act
It's on the front page – hope you enjoy (

God Bless


Thank you from Packages From Home

I would personally like to thank Sonoran News for your continued support of Packages From Home.

What a surprise to open the most recent issue of Sonoran News and see some "letters from the front" on your editorial page. PFH was also privileged to be the guest of Carefree’s Salute to Veterans this past November. I’d also like to thank a couple vendors in Cave Creek for their past support of PFH: Suzanne's Hot Stuff and The Hideaway.  Without the public’s support, we couldn’t do what we do.


Susan Haines
Packages From Home


Tom Tancredo for governor

Dear Friend,

When was the last time Washington, DC, solved a problem?

I certainly can't remember, and that's why I'm writing to you with an urgent request today.

My good friend and fellow illegal immigration crusader, Tom Tancredo is running for Governor in Colorado, a state that is frighteningly soft on illegal aliens.

Tom needs our help to fight against the liberal elite and Open Borders crowd who are throwing everything they've got into defeating him.

You may remember Tom as the Republican Congressman who made enemies within his own party for opposing President George W. Bush's immigration "reform" efforts (which were, of course, truly amnesty).

Like me, Tom has spent his career educating the public about the true dangers of illegal immigration and fighting for a real solution that secures our borders and doesn't let criminals off the hook.

This is why the Washington liberals and the Open Borders crowd want nothing more than to silence Tom. They're spending millions of dollars to defeat him – even some members of his own Party have threatened to support his Democratic opponent if Tom makes the campaign about immigration.

But Tom doesn't scare off that easy, and I know you don't either.

That's why I'm asking you to join me in supporting Tom's campaign.

Throughout the years, I've made tremendous inroads in cracking down on immigration across the country as a sheriff. They don't call me "America's Toughest Sheriff" for nothing! But think about the impact Tom Tancredo could make as the governor of a state with a self-proclaimed immigration problem!

Trust me: Tom will make illegal immigration front page news, not just in his home state of Colorado but in all 50 states in America.

And, if Washington tries again to grant amnesty, he will bring the fight to our nation's capital – and he won't back down until amnesty is off the table.

But Tom will only succeed if he has the support of conservatives, like you and me, nationwide.
I'm going to do everything I can to help Tom, but he needs your help, too.

So, can I count on you to donate to Tom's campaign today?

I have no doubt Tom is the man we need to lead us to victory over Washington liberals and the Open Borders crowd. If anyone can solve America's immigration problem, it's him.


Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Maricopa County, Arizona


Ladies and gentlemen


Please give me a second of your time. I need to explain to you the following, in retrospect to what is fallaciously said in a YouTube video, as if Christianity does not exist. (Ed. Note: This video, posted on, has been removed as it violated YouTube's policy on violence.)

Didn't Jesus demand from his followers to worship God, be decent in social culture, feed the poor, seek to be men of peace, repent, fast, pray, respect your spouse, etc., etc.? So what's this German lost soul talking about? Why is he siding with criminals who want to bring the advancements of the world back to a primitive era of thousands of years? Why didn't he start his true search of soul from Saudi Arabia to understand the true meaning of Islam (Jungle Rule). A land where the rich and strong devour the poor and the weak. Where women are not safe even in their own houses, and their bodies an inferior property of man's game.

Talking about justice and true civilization. Where are the Christian Middle Eastern Civilizations like the Assyrians (Iraq), and Egyptians (Copts), Constantinople (Turkey), all of whom where Christians and enlightened the world civilization for endless achievements, yet come afterward Islam and pushed Middle East back thousands of years to darkness of uncertainty devastated with endless wars, and dark religious edicts.  

Christianity does not teach you people to pierce your body. Christianity taught you to love yourself, that "Your body is the temple where the Lord reside, keep it clean."  Piercing is originated from Islamic culture. See it in Yemen, Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, Somalia, Bangladesh. It is alien to Western Christian Culture. Christianity does not tolerate tattoos; it is foreign to the Western world. It is a culture that emanated from Saudi Arabia (birth place of Islam and hub center of world terrorism – don't take it from me as a Christian, but ask any Iraqi Muslims and they too vehemently shall tell you the same thing) where man forces his own women to tattoo their bodies, a brandishment as being his own property. Christianity did not ask women to go naked or dress half naked. It is also foreign culture, far away from Christian belief. Christianity asks you to respect others, so they in return would have the honor in respecting you back.  

What's happening in the West? They are adopting Third World culture, and their own superior ones are surely and rapidly fading away. Why? Simply because they lack role models.

Clergymen, politicians, sportsmen, teachers, journalists are fake and gone long ago, since the 60s. America and the West need Christianity for revival. And one more thing. Did this German soul practice the true life of Christianity before he converted to Islam? I doubt it! But one thing I am sure about it that he is not going to come back home safely. Islam will devour him too like it ravaged everything alive in the Middle East.

Changes are needed in the West. Secularism, and liberalism should be tossed away, and fast.
The Western world should strive to bring back the Christian countries into authority and rule of self-sovereignty in Middle east too.


Ashour Youluos Malek
Cave Creek


A Christmas gift

Grandparents: a Christmas gift suggestion for your grandchildren.  Like most other gifts given your grandchildren, it’s something you’ve never experienced.  Unlike your previous gifts, its value is priceless; it will last all their lives and benefit future generations.  The gift: an America with no income tax and without the evil IRS.

The income tax has been a thorn in your side since you first went to work.  Over the years, you’ve spent many hours preparing your income tax returns.  Even now you are probably gathering receipts and such for that annual task.  You can spare your grandchildren this drudgery.

The IRS which you have despised, and feared, will be an even greater threat to your grandchildren.  The IRS now openly targets groups considered to be unfriendly to the federal government.  It’s used as a political weapon to keep would-be dissidents “whipped into shape.”  It plays favorites, grants “tax favors” to special interests and well-connected people; all stemming from actions of our congressmen; yours and mine.

You know from experience it’s true.  But it doesn’t have to be for our grandchildren.  Let’s take back our country!  Work to defeat your incumbent congressmen in his/her 2014 primary.  Do it for your grandkids.

Glen E. Terrell
Arlington, Texas


Why can’t Congress aim higher?

Congressional budget negotiators are moving to meet a December 13 deadline to produce, well, something. Commentators say even the narrowest will be a signal achievement. Doesn’t that seem like an awfully low bar to you?

Yes, I know. The atmosphere on Capitol Hill is poisonous. Yet there are consequences to not producing an agreement that brings clarity to fiscal affairs. Right now, government agencies cannot plan ahead. They’re forced to fund programs that have outlived their usefulness and cannot fund programs they know are necessary. Contractors and people who depend on federal spending can’t plan, either. Our economy can’t achieve liftoff, and millions of ordinary Americans remain mired by its slow growth.

Things are not wholly bleak. Republican Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the lead House negotiator, and Democrat Patty Murray of Washington, who heads up the Senate team, have been working at least to address the sequester. As you’ll recall, this is the draconian set of across-the-board budget cuts put in place in 2011. The sequester is a cleaver, cutting good and bad government spending without rhyme or reason. If congressional negotiators can take a smarter approach, that’s all to the good.

But if they’re going to do that, shouldn’t they address the real problems? The country needs gradual deficit reduction that avoids disrupting the economy or harming the vulnerable. It needs reforms to Social Security and Medicare that put them on a solid footing for decades to come.

These are daunting challenges, but Congress’s toolbox is hardly empty. There are literally scores of possible tradeoffs, none of them easy, but all of them offering adroit negotiators the chance to craft a long-term solution to problems that have beset Capitol Hill for years and held economic growth far below its potential.

At some point, Congress will have to put the federal budget on “a sustainable path for the long term,” in the words of the CBO. So long as it does not, the economic consequences hurt everyone. Congressional leaders seem blissfully unconcerned about this and aim only for low-hanging fruit, but Americans know that Congress can and should do better, and are rightly tired of careening from crisis to crisis. As members of Congress continue to make politically attractive suggestions that don’t come close to achieving a lasting solution, let’s urge them to get real. It’s time for Congress to go big.

Lee Hamilton, Director
Center on Congress at Indiana University