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my view by don sorchychBY DON SORCHYCH | NOVEMBER 20, 2013

Jerry Foster

With Christmas right around the corner what better gift than a book? Arizona citizens have a great opportunity since the legendary Jerry Foster has completed the book of his life, titled “Earthbound Misfit.” The book cover shows Foster with a helicopter in the background. The subtitle, boldly printed on the front cover, states “The heroics, antics and controversies of a pioneering television news pilot reporter.” Foster is all that and more. The book is a complete dossier of his life and what a life it was.

Guest Editorials:


The West’s most obnoxious town

I was stunned by Mayor Francia’s recent letter (“Another remedy to try before recall”, Scottsdale Republic, November 2, 2013) in the newspaper. His thesis was that recall elections are always bad and the current groundswell for a recall election is due to only two issues: the removal of the former town manager and the perceived direction the council is taking. The mayor shrugs off these issues by saying the “removal of the town manager should have been handled better” and the council is doing just fine, thank you. Let’s take a closer look at the mayor’s two issues.


The key to our future

The High Exalted Mystic Rulers of the Francia/Trenk Regime have proudly proclaimed their publicity stunts are the reason for the success of this year’s Wild West Days. They accomplished this great service, according to them, by pretending to steal Scottsdale’s intellectual property; then announcing they were having fun; then hastily renaming Cave Creek the Town Where the Wild West Lives. Disloyal subjects might ask why they didn’t check how many towns are already using similar slogans?


To our community newspaper Sonoran News and all residents of Cave Creek

I have sat back on my thumbs for many weeks, actually I'm sorry to say months, watching the circus that came to town. The difference in this case is unlike most major circus troops who come in by train, walk with the elephants down Jefferson Street so they can entertain for two weeks worth of shows in July and then take the Big Top down and move on to the next city or town (political correctness) looking forward to a fun show for the kids who want to see the lion trainer and eat cotton candy.


The season of discontent

The onslaught of the expansion of government by the Obama Administration continues with almost daily announcements of new challenges to the liberties of Americans.

Between the NSA listening in on our telephone calls, the EPA’s assault on the major energy sources that drive our nation, the constant attempts to raise taxes, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Obamacare, and the common core school curriculum that is more indoctrination than education to name just a few, there is a full scale assault on things that Americans once took for granted.