Infinite Care Pharmacy truly is immeasurable care for family, pets, young and aging

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infinite pharmacyCAVE CREEK – If you still haven't heard, Infinite Care Pharmacy took over the former location of Tatum Drugs and owner Guy Baker (pictured) says they are "ever developing." While word of mouth has been the most common means to get the word out, he added lots of folks continue to find them by happy accident. So if you need a family-friendly, attention-to-detail, personal service drug store, then look no further than Infinite Care Pharmacy. The new name alone says it all!

You can expect the usual drug store related items – pain relief, dental care, prescription meds, even a place to rent (or purchase as necessary) wheelchairs, walkers and knee scooters. But you'll also find an impressive offering of pet care products. Since north Phoenix tends to be home to lots of horses, Baker caters to their needs. He's well-educated about animal health, so he won't just point a customer in the general vicinity of remedies, he'll listen and advise. Also worth noting with the prevalence of Valley Fever in canines, Infinite Care Pharmacy can compound the correct dosage should it be for a Great Dane or a wee Chihuahua. Plus, not all pet medications need to be in hard-to-swallow pill form. In additional to liquid options, some may be made into gels, easily rubbed on and absorbed through the skin of the animal's ear!

Through Nov. transfer a prescription and get $5 off. (See coupon for details/limitations.) Just one more incentive to make Infinite Care Pharmacy your neighborhood pharmacy.

Stop at Infinite Care Pharmacy, 28248 N. Tatum Blvd., Ste. B4 to find out what's new, better, evolving. You'll see what you've been missing the last nine months! Call 480-656-3349 or visit online at