NOVEMBER 6, 2013

Fifty new families applied for assistance from Foothills Food Bank in October

Count the many ways you can help!
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foothills food bankNORTH VALLEY – More and more families in our area are seeking help from the Foothills Food Bank. In October alone, 50 more families applied for assistance, bringing the monthly total to 401. One way to help ensure availability of emergency funds to help those facing a crisis is to pay off the mortgage on the building. Please consider making a one-time tax deductible donation marked for mortgage elimination before year end. Your generosity will be greatly appreciated and long remembered. And you will be making a significant difference in the food bank‘s ability to fulfill its mission.

To make monetary donations: Send your check, payable to Foothills Food Bank, to Foothills Food Bank, P.O. Box 715, Carefree, AZ 85377. Or click on Donate at the top of the page at (your donations may be tax deductible).

Constant community efforts are underway to bring in donations of food and monies to help sustain the food bank in these demanding times. All individuals and groups are encouraged to help in this effort. You may bring donated items and food (check their monthly wish list to find the most needed items) directly to the Foothills Food Bank during business hours at 6038 E. Hidden Valley Drive, Cave Creek, AZ 85331.

Now, you can help with Adopt-a-Family. Of the 50 new families that applied for assistance in October, some will also sign up for the holiday adopt-a-family program. There are many families who are able to get by on a week-to-week or month-to-month basis, but have no way to make a family Christmas a reality, so even more families need help during the holidays. This program offers a great way to for individuals, HOAs and small businesses, clubs and groups to make a real difference in our community. All who can help are encouraged to participate in this year’s program by providing gifts for a family, children or seniors in our area. Donors can indicate the size of family they are willing to adopt and a family wish list will be provided to serve as a shopping guide. There is no minimum donation and monetary donations are gladly accepted in support of the program. Checks are payable to the Foothills Food Bank. All gifts and donations are tax deductible according to tax laws. For more information or to request a donor sign-up form, email or call Jeanne Panhorst at 480-595-8584 or Judi Anderson at 480-540-7631.

A new van is badly needed to facilitate timely pick-ups from those who donate regularly, especially perishables. Donation of a vehicle is tax deductible and the name of the donor will appear permanently on the van. Contact Pam DiPietro directly if you are able to help with a vehicle donation by calling 480-488-1145.

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