Won’t someone please help me?  Evil forces are out to get me and I fear for my safety.  I don’t mean to frighten anyone, but here is the terrifying story (I have to write this myself because I cannot find a gullible reporter):

• Several months ago, I found my garbage can turned over in the street after it was emptied.  I thought nothing about it at the time, but later realized that someone had intentionally turned it over as a dire warning to me.

• Shortly after that, I found my neighbor’s dogs in the street one day.  I gathered them up and returned them and she thanked me and said one of the kids had probably left the gate open.  I did not comment, but knew deep down in that it was a warning to me and my dogs were next.

• Then one of my dogs got very sick.  I took it to the vet who questioned me on the care and feeding of the dog, examined the dog, ran some tests and then told me that if I did not stop feeding the dog Chinese duck jerky, I would kill it.  I said nothing, but knew that my tormentor poisoned my dog.

• Two weeks later, I had a flat tire.  The tire guy told me that “flats happen”, but I knew someone stuck that nail in my tire hoping that I would have a bad car accident.  I was petrified.

• The clincher happened just a short time ago.  One night my dogs were barking in the back yard and I knew someone was trying to sneak in and do me grievous harm.  I hid in the closet all night, crept out in the morning and was relieved to find that the dogs had scared away the intruder.

I am thoroughly shaken.  I’m walking backwards now everywhere I go so I don’t have to keep looking over my shoulder and I am looking for a different house in Cave Creek so they will never find me.  I’m also thinking of actually living in Cave Creek full time.

Name withheld for fear of reprisals


We are to blame

Got a call from a long time friend who knows I have been active in Cave Creek since the beginning. He is an excellent attorney who is a general counsel to a major international firm based in Scottsdale. He was to the point. "Steve what the hell is going on with Cave Creek? I'm at the airport heading to North Carolina for the firm, and just pulled up this clip of your mayor and council members riding in a wagon down a street in Scottsdale with a marching band and a buffalo. They look like complete idiots. You know, seriously it was hard to watch. You know how sometimes you feel embarrassed for someone who is making a complete fool of themselves."

As I was wading, literally, through the hundreds of bikers last weekend to do a few errands before we headed to our friend's ranch in the White Mountains the irony of my friend's call struck me.

Our mayor and the Trenk slate town council aren't making fools of themselves. They just are just being true to what they are; self absorbed, do-nothing, self-serving politicos.

Given the hoards of bikers parked in the main street of Cave Creek, I was glued to the evening news, breathless with anticipation to see our mayor and Trenk roaring into Bullhead City riding double on a Honda claiming Cave Creek is the "West's most biker Biker Town." The piece didn't air so I guess the boys got in a fuss about who was going to ride in the side car, or couldn't find the soundtrack to Easy Rider to play for the Bullhead City Council. What a slight to the bikers. I guess we can assume it is easier to borrow a buffalo and ride in a wagon than to ride a motorcycle.

It was then that it struck me. I am blaming them for making a fool of us when really we made fools of ourselves. We let them get elected. Sure they lied and spent historic amounts of money to fool us, and are supported by some of the nastiest people you will ever come across, but the responsibility is ours. In this democracy we have to take the time to figure out who has served the town, and who just has lots of money and wants to serve themselves by getting elected.
My friend wasn't calling to say he expected more of fools with a band and a buffalo. He gets politicians. He expected more from us. The people who let them get elected after years of protecting the dignity of this town and its truly wonderful natural beauty.

For the love of Cave Creek, get connected, stay connected. This our town. Protect it.

Steve La Mar
Horseman and Citizen of Cave Creek


Illegal aliens take a bus to DC to pressure congress for amnesty and that is front page news?

What about our delegation of the Remember 1986 Coalition that took a bus from Arizona for the DC March For Jobs? We marched with black progressives down Pennsylvania Avenue against S744 with no mention in Gannett publications; where is the fair and balanced reporting here?  We also visited all nine Congressional offices and delivered over 10,000 Arizona names on Numbers USA "no amnesty" petitions.

Gannett pushes amnesty as if their scofflaw advertisers demanded it. Are you guys under the gun by Danny's carwash?  Did Danny's co-sponsor the bus ... or this story?

Have you no regard for the rule of law? Border or national security, or the fact that amnesty legislation historically accelerates illegal immigration to the point of no return?

Why not report the victimization and family separation of American citizen's from the hands of criminal illegal aliens; is this against company policy?  Is there a black out of coverage for all negative impacts or consequences of illegal immigration, or is Gannett simply pro-illegal immigration to begin with?

I just don't understand the lack of concern or compassion for American citizens. Why so much emphasis on lawbreakers, lawbreaking, and a lack of reporting of the consequences of mass, uncontrolled, organized crime that is taking place here?  Why not highlight the long list of illegal immigration enablers in an effort to focus on comprehensive enforcement so that we can start to address the root cause of these crimes?

But most importantly, what laws can I break so that I too can become a super hero in your publications for ignoring them?  Please, I want a 100% complete list so that I can share it with my fellow Americans.

I wonder if Boehner supports my point of view?  Maybe that's why he kept his doors locked.  Try reporting that for a change.

Rusty Childress


How federal exchanges could kill Obamacare

Even if is fixed, the federal exchanges available on it may yet prove to be the law's Achilles heel.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia is allowing a case to move forward that could gut Obamacare insurance subsidies in 34 states that opted not to implement state-run exchanges.

If the plaintiffs prevail, the American people will be able to thank those governors that fought hard in the past year to opt out of Obamacare. Because of their decision, under the law, the government has to create a federal exchange in lieu of the state-run exchange.

But, the problem is the law never allowed those federal exchanges to issue subsidies for insurance policies. Only state-run exchanges were given that privilege.

According to a recent study by Case Western Reserve University School of Law's Jonathan Adler and the Cato Institute's Michael Cannon, "Taxation without representation: The illegal IRS rule to expand tax credits under the PPACA," a federal exchange that would be implemented "lacks statutory authority" to dispense the insurance subsidies.

In the study, Adler and Cannon made the case that "An Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rule purports to extend these tax credits and subsidies to the purchase of health insurance in federal exchanges created in states without exchanges of their own."

The problem, according to Adler and Cannon, is that the "text, structure, and history of the Act show that tax credits and subsidies are not available in federally run exchanges. The IRS rule is contrary to congressional intent and cannot be justified on other legal grounds."

This creates a real problem legally for the Obama Administration in states that a federal exchange is implemented. By not implementing the state exchange, governors such as Rick Perry in Texas or Bobby Jindal in Louisiana gave potential plaintiffs in affected states the standing to sue against the new IRS rule.

A combination of not executing the insurance subsidies and opting out of the Medicaid expansion would effectively defund the law in those states. That is because states under the 2012 Supreme Court ruling by John Roberts upholding parts of the law are not obligated to expand Medicaid eligibility.

In other words, these brave governors created an avenue to fight against the implementation of the law. For everyone who does not wish to be under Obamcare's thumb, these governors may have created the final judicial firewall that may be wielded against the law.

If courts do rule that federal exchanges in fact do not have the legal authority to disperse the insurance subsidies, the law would effectively be gutted. States that want to take out the law for their citizens would be able to do so.

It's not over yet.

Robert Romano
Senior Editor of Americans for Limited Government


Human trafficking

I want to know how Government officials can blatantly break the laws that govern all citizens in the United States and call it okay. Is it because people look the other direction and never ask questions until it’s too late? By then the government has moved in and taken over everything and has removed all your civil rights. Slavery is accepted in this country; the buying and selling of women and children through slavery is acceptable. The adoption industry is thriving off money crossing the palms of government officials, attorneys, mothers, and even strangers down the road, and it’s okay until they get caught with their hand in the cookie jar. Then it’s, “Aaaah, well we need to fix that/make laws.” No one should be above the law. But if the people continue to look the other direction and never ask, never complain – if we can’t say “I’m sorry you aren’t or you can’t continue to remove my rights” then we are the ones responsible.

They say it’s wrong for women to have abortions and the unborn child has rights to life, so we try to make laws to force women into keeping the unborn, but then we turn around and say it’s okay to sell your child for $30,000 - $40,000 plus to a couple who had been turned down through normal channels and say no to the fathers that want to raise them. Now women have learned that if they get pregnant, they can sell their children, because our government says it's okay. Many women are making a living by having children and selling them through adoption agencies. Can you imagine being one of those children? Knowing you were only brought into this world to serve one purpose and that was making money for your mother? What a way to start out life, knowing the person who had you was only in it for the money.

What about the Civil and Inalienable Rights of the child who is a living breathing human. Children are not subject to sale or transfer; inseparable. That which is inalienable cannot be bought, sold, or transferred from one individual to another. The personal rights to life and liberty guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States are inalienable.

What do we tell her/him? Do we tell them now that they are here, sorry you but don’t have any civil rights, your civil rights have been REVOKED. You’re not worthy of your rights. What about all of the children who have been sold through the trafficking, racketeering and slave market? What will they think when they are old enough to find out no one cared enough for them to speak out on their behalf, and that our government allowed the sale of human flesh to accrue and blatantly turn a blind eye to it.

People laws have been broken!! The 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution, the Child Civil Rights.

People need to be aware of what the politicians are doing and how they are allowing other government officials to break the laws. Only we can stop them. Please join the fight. Put an end to corruption within our Government. Say no more to human trafficking and the selling of children.

Robin Emery


Resurrecting Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter’s party

Citizens lamenting the so-called government shut down and the inability of our leaders to “work together” suggests a yearning for statist collectivist bureaucratic solutions to the mess a statist collectivist bureaucracy created.

Many Americans are oblivious to the fact the Constitution was the most significant consequential factor in the creation and sustenance of a free society that produced the highest standard of living on the planet. In the name of “social justice” and “fairness,” our rulers have re-defined and expanded the role of the government beyond the parameters codified in the Constitution and diluted its authority.

For the first hundred years of America’s existence, the government was considerably less intrusive in our lives and economy and the results are a matter of record. After a hundred years of “working together,” instituting “social justice” and “fairness,” “reaching across the aisle,” seeking equality of outcomes instead of opportunity, we are over 17 trillion dollars in debt, ten million workers are out of the labor force, food stamp enrollment is at a record high, household income is down 8 percent and Obamacare, so far, is an epic disaster. These results are also a matter of record.

I challenge anyone to refute these facts and call me a racist. If we are going to preserve our constitutional republic, we must strive for intellectual honesty, consider and debate facts and not spew ad hominum attacks. If our rulers persist in “double speak” and denial, exhorting them to “work together” is akin to resurrecting Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter’s party.

Ed Konecnik
Flushing, New York


If Chief Justice Roberts likes ObamaCare so much ...

Washington, D.C. insiders get their special taxpayer-backed “deals,” perks, exemptions and ObamaCare subsidies.

The American people get stuck with the tab ...

Whether it’s the infamous glitches, cut hours, layoffs, higher premiums, or citizens losing their existing health insurance, the American people are just now getting their first taste of ObamaCare.

That’s bad enough. 

But thanks to special subsidies Congress created for itself, many of the same politicians who voted to impose this monstrosity on the rest of us are getting off virtually scot-free.

This can’t be allowed to continue.

Just recently, I introduced a Constitutional Amendment to stop my colleagues from passing legislation that doesn't apply equally to U.S. citizens, the Executive Branch, Congress and the Supreme Court.

If Chief Justice Roberts likes ObamaCare so much, he can live under it.

And I’m counting on you to urge your Congressman and Senators to co-sponsor my Constitutional Amendment IMMEDIATELY.

It’s no secret Washington, D.C. is chock-full of people who think they can run our lives better than we can. 

They just don’t want to have to live under the laws they pass for the rest of us.

Maybe they really do think they’re “better.”  Or “smarter.”  Or just flat-out “more important.” 

To many Americans, there is no better example of Washington, D.C. being out of touch and out of whack than special deals like we saw in ObamaCare.  To many, it’s like rubbing salt in our wounds.

After all, aren’t politicians supposed to serve the people who elect them – not take advantage of them?

As the ObamaCare fiasco unfolds, more and more Americans are beginning to understand what we’ve been served isn’t exactly appetizing.

• Less than 3 percent of American citizens who visited the ObamaCare website were able to actually create an account.  In fact, Consumer Reports is urging Americans to “stay away;”

• More and more employers are cutting hours to avoid ObamaCare’s outrageous mandates.  Last year, six full-time jobs were created for every one part-time job.  But this year, only one full-time job is being created for every four part-time jobs;

• According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 71 percent of small businesses say ObamaCare makes it harder to grow.  Nearly one-quarter says they’ll reduce hiring to ensure they never exceed 50 total employees, which would create new mandates and costs under the program;

• ObamaCare is expected to increase the average family of four’s healthcare spending by nearly $4,000 by 2016.  And that’s not even counting ObamaCare’s $1 TRILLION in new taxes over the next decade.

Yet Washington, D.C.'s insider class – from Chief Justice John Roberts who signed off on this unconstitutional law to members of Congress – don’t have to feel the American people's pain?

Maybe if more of my colleagues had to live under the regulatory boondoggles they pass, maybe they’d pass fewer and fewer of them.

The fact is, without your help, I’m afraid this won’t be the last time Washington, D.C. insiders try to pass special deals for themselves.

But if you and I can create a firestorm of outrage, will my colleagues in Congress really fight to defend their insider deals?

If they do, they’ll pay the price at the polls.  And that price could be severe.

But first things first. It’s up to you and me to create the firestorm.

How long can our Republic survive so long as politicians think they’re above the rest of us?
You and I both know the answer is “not long.”

Thank you so much for your support.

In Liberty,

Senator Rand Paul


John McCain as "the supporter of Al-Qaeda"

Our Great Texas Congressman, Honorable Louie Gohmert,


Recently, and in one of your public speeches you rightfully identified Senator John McCain as "the supporter of Al-Qaeda," and it's rightly true.  Our Senator, John McCain is a real maverick, as he likes to call himself, but in every attempt his action is fatally wrong, and his new allies are much less admired by the American public. I admit to you, in all my voting process here in Arizona I hatefully voted for Senator McCain just for being a lesser evil. For the courage of your truthfulness I applaud you, and admire your sincerity, and patriotism.

Our Honorable Congressman, Mr. Gohmert, I am an Assyrian American. I am a die hard Conservative Republican. A Christian originated from Mount Lebanon, a land of beauty, enchantment, and unique hospitality. I, like all my fellow Assyrians emigrated to this great country, the United States of America hoping to build a better future, for myself, my fellow Assyrian Christian people, and with ecclesiastic gratitude to our newly adopted country - America. Our exodus to the states was not of our own choice, but bitterly against our own will due to unanticipated circumstances. We as Christians had no choice. Our offenders, our people's killers gave us two options, either Islamize, or be killed. A slim chance to live in our own historic country free and safe, but rather with the blood of innocents we all were given that choice to deny our Christianity and follow primitive religion of the beduin and god of the Moon, war and bloodshed. 

Today all across the Middle East, the Assyrians, Christian indigenous people of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Turkey treated with lesser stature than animals, are being wholesomely slaughtered, kidnapped, raped, properties confiscated, houses of worships bombed, religious leaders mocked, etc., and all such ghastly onslaught are being committed openly before the eyes of all regional central governments empowered by Sharia law of Islam that advocates to detest the presence of non-Muslims, and value them with abhorrence, and disdained discrimination. 
The country of Saudi Arabia is number one export country of terrorism. Recently, as you may have heard, Saudi Arabia released all its criminals from their national jails, allowing them to embark and kill the infidels in Syria. Does any country in the world accepts its sovereignty to be diminished as such? Yes, the present Syrian regime is ruled with austerity, dictatorship, and tyranny. I have not one iota of sympathy toward it. But so is Saudi Arabia! In fact, Saudi Arabia cannot be Syria. In Syria women are treated as human, with dignity, hold high political positions. Share the Syrian parliament. Churches are protected by law, religious figures honored, and exulted. In Saudi Arabia, American’s darling ally, women have to walk ten feet away even from her own husband while walking in public streets. Churches, Bibles are prohibited. The apartheid country, Saudi Arabia, our supposedly friendly country, snatched the Crosses, and confiscated Bibles from our own brave American troops in the 80s while the latter tried to defend their dignity and save their liberty from the atrocity and fierce iron hand of another similar dictator, the late Saddam Hussein. Now, where's justice here?

Among all bloody drives today taking place all across the world only one so-called religion has its followers implicated with ghastly atrocities, smeared with the blood of the innocents, Islam. Nations that harbor and finance terrorism are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Kuwait. In the Middle East it is forbidden for any citizen to own, least to carry a small knife. Wonder why all deadly weaponry is acquired by filthy killers. Does any one wonder why today Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and Kuwait openly support and arm al-Qaida? What is Al-Qaida – a base, military structure of Islamic hegemony across the universe that supersedes the policy of enlarging the hemisphere of Islamic control. We as American should never forget, neither forgive those culprit killers that committed heinous crimes against innocent Americans. It was Al-Qaida, and today our maverick Senator, as he likes to call himself is openly supporting them and trying to replace the Syrian pluralistic government with those terrorists and Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Congressman, I honor you, and salute you for your courage today is unique among our American politicians.


Ashour Youluos Malek
Cave Creek


HR:25 is the way out of the nightmare that is our current Federal Income Tax

History shows the Citizens of the United States have made mistakes from which we have repented.

Example: Amendment 13, 15 & 21; abolished slavery racial discrimination in voting and repealed prohibition.

When "We the People" have discovered mistakes in the Constitution we have worked to repeal those mistakes. HR:25 is such a Bill. Titled the Fair Tax Bill it allows for an orderly progression from the current failed Federal Income Tax (mistake).  Passage of the 16th Amendment allowed the first Federal Income Tax! Before this Amendment only "uniform" Taxation was allowed by Article 1, Section 8.

Below is an examination of the history of our current failed Federal Income Tax and how it was first structured. These are 1913 Rates after the 16th Amendment passed allowing the first Federal Income Tax. There were no deductions the tax was flat but graduated for income. This was because the Federal Income Tax was sold as a tax on the wealthy that would not apply too poor or middle class Citizens.

Note: $20,000 in 1913 would be ~ $476,000 in 2013 Dollars!

Nominal Married Filing Jointly
Marginal Tax Brackets
Tax Rate      Over         But Not Over
1.0%          $0                $20,000
2.0%         $20,000         $50,000
3.0%         $50,000         $75,000
4.0%         $75,000         $100,000
5.0%         $100,000       $250,000
6.0%         $250,000       $500,000
7.0%         $500,000 -

These rates are well below the 10 percent rates proposed by some who oppose HR:25 and support a flat 10% Federal Income Tax.  What are you paying today, 30, 35, 40 + percent?

Once the 16th Amendment passed, the unscrupulous Representatives and Senators behind the Income Tax push knew they could increase the Tax rate or change the Wage & Income range. They would no longer be bound by the restrictions of the Constitution. The Citizens would be at the mercy of the Federal Government. In less than 5 years the rate more than doubled along with an expansion in the Income base! Note they have done this with impunity since 1913! These unscrupulous Representatives and Senators behind the Income Tax as well as many in Congress today knew manipulation of the Income Tax Code would give them great power.

Since 1913 this change in taxation powers has allowed the Federal Governments, IRS to punish the Citizens of the United States with little or no restraint. The Income Tax has allowed Senators, Representatives and Presidents to pay off contributors and lobbyist using loop holes and special tax rates while striking fear in the harts of Citizens speaking out against these abuses. And now the Federal Government can use not only the IRS but Health Care as a weapon of control.

The 16th Amendment has allowed the Federal Government to become the uncontrollable parasite it is today. There can be no Federal Tax Reform without the repeal of the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution! When someone promotes reform of the Federal Tax Code without the provision to repeal the 16th Amendment they are working to keep control in the hands of Government not the Citizens!

We will be part of the greatest peace time political struggle ever witnessed by the Citizens of the United States when HR:25 is put before the full House. There are Trillions of dollars in favors and paybacks at stake. Don't be fooled, study the history of the United States before 1913 and after. The greatest growth and prosperity for the Citizens of the United States occurred from 1776 to 1913. In contrast the Federal Government its Debt, Tax burdens and abuses grew exponentially after passage of the 16thAmendment which allowed the first Income Tax!

Please, don't take my word for this, go to or Bill site. Download a copy of HR:25. It is only 131 double spaced typed pages long, yet replaces thousands of pages of current Federal Tax Code.

Fred Walker Jr.
Currie, North Carolina