Same-Sex Marriage Initiative folds due to lack of support

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“Proponents of redefining marriage in Arizona learned a simple reality this summer: the voters do not want to redefine marriage.

Just five years ago, Arizona voters sent a clear message that marriage between a man and a woman serves a fundamental public purpose and should be protected in our state constitution.

Even with an abundance of biased polls and political posturing, the truth is the so-called “Equal Marriage Campaign” could not overcome the support for one-man and one-woman marriage. Redefining marriage is a nonstarter today in Arizona, regardless of the out-of-state money and numerous political operatives that poured into our state for this failed effort.

To our friends across the state who stand with Center for Arizona Policy for marriage and family, my message to you is this: Thank you for your support over these last few weeks as we prepared to stand for marriage in the 2014 election. While we should certainly celebrate this victory, we must recognize this is far from over.

Proponents of same-sex marriage have made it clear their goal is to put this issue on the ballot in 2016. Our resolve to stand together for our families and our future must remain resolute.

No matter what may come, Center for Arizona Policy and our statewide network are committed to standing for foundational values, for marriage and family, and for religious freedom.“

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