SEPTEMBER 11, 2013

Mensa offers special membership deal

Just one dollar to take the Home Membership Test, then a 45 percent savings on the Admissions Test
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PHOENIX – Most of us may think we are “smarter than the average bear”... but we may not really know. Now Mensa – the High IQ Society – is giving the public a chance to find out by offering a special deal on its national Membership Test.

If people think Mensa is a boring bunch of eggheads talking deep science, they should think again. Its members include bikers, plumbers, engineers, writers, carpenters, dancers, clergy, cops, truck drivers, burger joint cooks and, yes, rocket scientists.  In a word: everyone...  who scores in the 98th percentile on a standard IQ test, that is.  In fact, only about half its members have college degrees. 

Now on a national membership drive, Mensa is offering its Home Membership Test to the public through Sunday, September 15, for just one dollar. Usually, this fee is $18.

The test, taken on the web, is scored privately at home, and generally forecasts whether the taker will qualify for membership. 

The next step is to take the official Admissions Test. With the receipt from the Home Test, the fee for the admissions test will be reduced from $40 to $22, a saving of 45 percent.

Actually, the test may not be necessary.  Anyone with prior evidence of a qualifying score on SAT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, ACT, CEEB or other similar tests is automatically eligible for membership. A full list is available on the Qualifying Test Scores page of the Greater Phoenix Mensa website:

After the $1 Home Test, the next local Mensa Admission test is on November 30 at 1:30 p.m., at the Greater Phoenix Mensa Annual Regional Gathering, being held this year at the Hilton Garden Inn in midtown Phoenix.

What happens inside Mensa?
The local Mensa calendar is filled with events through the month, from parties to presentations, movies to game nights, happy hours to special interest groups (SIGs), and more. The calendar is accessible to the public through the GPM website.

In addition there are national events and special interest groups, many online or with local chapters, sharing topics like ham radio, astronomy, GenX, photography, military veterans, gaming, sensuality, TeenSIG, art, aspergers, burning man, martial arts, karaoke, comedy, World of Warcraft, genealogy, home schooling, investing, writers, nudism, science fiction, winemaking and a whole lot more – usually about 150 SIGs are active at any time. 

Mensans also work to help others in their communities by providing scholarships and volunteering for community activities.  Gifted children are a special concern.

For more information about Mensa, go to the website: or contact Disa McAlister, Membership Chair, Greater Phoenix Mensa:

Mission Statement: The Mensa Foundation recognizes, encourages and communicates excellence in human intelligence globally through education, research and recognition programs.  There are 132 local chapters throughout the 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. Protectorates; the national office is located in Arlington, Texas.

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