Other gods and their song!

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spoof space by steele coddington"Healthcare, Healthcare, Healthcare,
Government's newest form of welfare.
Raise your costs, screw up your health,
Obama's way to spread the wealth!"

This is one verse of a revealing new song. It was composed by some gods we know outside of Washington, D.C. A powerful song because it so succinctly summarizes the real truth about Obamacare. The simplicity of the song's message is designed to educate the ignorant and alert the naive to the coming media blitz soon to be delivered by the government propaganda machine in Washington. We reached out to the ancient Greek gods of Medicine and Truth, Apollo and his sister Aletheia, the real founders of truth-in-advertising, as our symbolic opposites to the phony claims that will shortly be heralding a new age of benevolent gifts from a healthcare Messiah.

If you believe the bloviations from the Obama White House, the inauguration of Obamacare will be an event comparable to the "Second Coming." It will forever eradicate that terrible old individual doctor/patient thing that was so mistakenly regarded as the best health care system in the world. But don't hold your breath for the miracle promised by the purveyors of perversion, prevarication, partisanship, pomposity and pusillanimity.

If you do hold your breath and pass out, don't expect to see a doctor, now considered a person headed for extinction under Obamacare as members of an endangered species. Or worse, don't count on assistance from a liberal Democrat bureaucrat healthcare worker who thinks CPR stands for either "Communist Party Return," or "Can't Perform Resuscitation." "Can't Perform" because the last Agency training session only featured line dancing and butt-kissing techniques on how to impress super liberal politically appointed supervisors who have been chosen for their lack of common sense.

To get the program rolling, the Administration will reportedly spend an unprecedented $700 million to market the fiasco. While billed as a PR effort, the real intent is to brain-wash low information voters in order to bail out Democrat politicians in states where they are at serious risk for reelection. They will be cast as the new heroes who helped create the "free" medical care for America thanks to the "caring" Messiah in the "Church-of-All-Good-Things" at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Good grief, $700 million is equivalent to the kind of money that it used to take to grease the palms of the chosen in Detroit for a month. Having that amount available for an advertising program conducted by fawning media groupies skilled in the art of praise for any slant that will keep Democrats in office guarantees more highway robbery heaped on tax payers. Ask Robinhood. For my high school readers, Robinhood is an infamous robber whose picture is prominently displayed on the liberal side of the U.S. Senate chamber. He became a Senate intern just before half of the present lefties in the Senate were elected. Robin introduced Obama and Harry Reid to the use of discriminatory taxation as a way to," Rob the rich and give to the poor."

Viva, "life, liberty and the pursuit of entitlements."