JULY 24, 2013

Black Americans deserve more from their country 

Black Americans deserve The FairTax
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Today, the Congress and the President are failing Black American citizens.  Instead of encouraging a political, economic, and social environment that focuses on the talents and strengths of Blacks, the U.S government tells Black America they can’t make it on their own.  From the President on down, Black Americans - men, women, and children - are told they need government bureaucrats, handouts, and give aways to survive and thrive in America.  Unlike White America, the extreme Left believes Blacks are either inferior or incompetent to compete on their own.  For years the radical Left has endorsed, passed, and enacted legislation treating Black Americas as victims, unable to create success for themselves, their families, and their communities.   

It’s time that this stops.  Black Americans deserves more from their Country!  

Dr. Yale Wishnick, State Director for the Arizona FairTax has said it’s time to draw a line in the sand.  “Black Americans deserve more from their country.   They deserve Black leaders who will stop treating them like children, elected officials who use and exploit them, and corporations that ignore them.”  

According to Wishnick, the major force and obstacle to Blacks moving fully into mainstream America is the IRS, income taxes, all feeding big government.  “Black America is as industrious as anyone. Their DNA is replete with genius, invention, creativity, and passion.  But Black America has been told not to look to their own talents and strengths and focus instead on the government as their source of strength.  This will continue to happen as long as Black America supports a repressive government that is fed by an even more repressive IRS.

The solution is The FairTax - a tax system that eliminates and replaces all taxes on income and production with a simple embedded national consumption tax.  This simple, transparent and fair tax will reduce the costs of goods and services, allow all Americans to keep all of their income, create high paying jobs, and raise the standard of living for all Americans.

In addition, the FairTax protects Social Security and Medicare, allows all Americans to spend their savings without the fear of the IRS, and provides and optimistic future for students with good paying American jobs and careers. 

This is particularly important to the Black community that has a general unemployment rate of 13 percent and 43.6 percent for Black youth.  According to Dr. Wishnick, this is only going to get worse, given the repressive nature of the IRS and the radical left policies it funds. 

Wishnick encourages all members of the Black community to reject the culture of dependency and join the FairTax For All Movement and claim their place in the culture of success. 

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