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Our town has apparently been in good hands

Our town has apparently been in good hands for quite some time. When the new town council gushed over the budget (as if they had done so much to bring it to the table) we the town folk found out, and most knew all along, the town had been thoughtfully planned out financially for years. Town staff should update the website, beginning with incorporation and place each milestone the town has accomplished to date. Examples would be: purchase of town hall, Spur Cross, water company, waste treatment, etc., simply the year and date.
Going so far as to show financial milestones for debts and when these debts either have been paid for or when they will be paid for in the future.
Maybe, they could account for interest rates from different sources that help cities and town with large projects?
It may help us to understand our past as we move forward with new game plans; it helps if you want to know how to keep score for next year’s budget.

Susan Clancy
Cave Creek

Is the Republican Party on a suicide mission?!!

Constitutional Conservatism in America is at war today on many fronts. Yes, elections do have consequences as is evidenced by Obama’s unabated assault on traditional America. However, Obama and his followers aren’t the only problem. We can’t blame it all on the “uninformed or under-informed” who will vote for anyone offering a truck load of food stamps, “Obama phones” and other free stuff paid for by hard working taxpayers via government handouts.
Establishment Republicans have made it very clear that they are now fully engaged in the immigration battle with both guns blazing! Those guns however, have been turned against the very people who cherish and fight to maintain the Sovereign Integrity of the nation. This can be no more evident than what just happened in the Amnesty/Immigration debacle in the Senate. Republican Senators have voted with Democrats to approve legislation which will most certainly lead to the demise of the American way of life. What is going on here?!! Why are Republicans colluding with Democrats in order to further a Progressive/Liberal agenda? The ability to distinguish Republican from Democrat has become so muddled, it apparently doesn’t matter who you vote for anymore.

A narrative crafted by Democrats and being swallowed by Republicans hook, line and sinker, is the notion that a Republican candidate running for any political office will never again have a shot at being elected unless they accede to the demands of Open Borders Special Interests groups and pass this absurd “Gang of Eight” Amnesty Bill. We are witnessing the historical undoing of a major Political Party right before our very eyes! While licking the boots of Democrat/Socialists who have clearly become their puppet masters, this notion of kissing up to Hispanics by pushing for legislation that would grant Amnesty to an eventual 33 million Illegal Aliens (Heritage Foundation numbers) in exchange for votes is not only humiliating, but the concept itself is absolute nonsense! With the exception of Cubans, Hispanics in general have historically voted along Democratic Party lines anyway.

Luring Hispanic voters to the Republican side by groveling for their vote is a self defeating strategy. You’ve already heard the jokes about Senators John McCain, Jeff Flake, Lindsay Graham and Marco Rubio who worked real hard to help legitimize millions of “undocumented Democrats”!! The miscalculated belief that Hispanics will flock to vote Republican if Republicans concede our Sovereignty is tragic!

These Republican Senators certainly lend credibility to Liberal claims that Republicans are intellectually inferior to their Democrat counterparts. Charles Schumer has deftly outmaneuvered the above mentioned Republicans, making them appear as dupes. It has been embarrassing watching these four Senators making fools of them selves on national TV. Only House Republicans at this point will be able to salvage the mess that their Senate counterparts have created. Our Congressmen had better not follow in the footsteps of these mislead Senators and do the job their constituency elected them to do. Throwing supporters “under the bus” in favor of trading our Sovereignty for imagined votes is unacceptable and will only lead to the demise of the Republican Party!! This is not rocket science. I will repeat what has become an all too familiar cliché:

“What part of ‘ILLEGAL’ don’t you understand”?!!

Vince Ansel
Riders United for a Sovereign America


Dear Sonoran News

I received a letter from Cave Creek Mayor Vincent Francia last week and I am furious! In that letter he had the audacity to devote an entire paragraph, about 150 words introducing us to the new town manager, while devoting one sentence, about thirty words, to the former manager Usama Abujbarah.

Abujbarah would have received a huge bonus when he retired in about four years. His firing was not only a vendetta, it was an atrocity. So Cave Creek thinks they can hire a competent replacement after treating Abujbarah so badly? Lots of luck on that; you are on a downhill slide.
I hope Abujbarah sues and collects a fortune. As a taxpayer I will happily contribute. And I will be there for the recall to eliminate Trenk and his disciples, and maybe the mayor too.

Mary Monahan
Cave Creek


Slobs in our midst

"Gol-durn, Vern, yer a pig!"
As the Phoenix NBC affiliate transmitted the funeral procession for the nineteen firefighters from the medical examiner's building in Phoenix to the fairgrounds in Prescott Valley, I was appalled to see two fat-arsed men, standing at the first right turn, who remained covered while the procession passed!

It is common practice for men to remove their hats and for veterans (as of January 28, 2008) to render a hand salute during such solemn occasions. These two pigs remained covered.
I guess the derogatory term, "Ugly American," remains very much alive.

J-P. A. Maldonado, Navy Veteran
Prescott Valley, AZ


Uphold our Constitution and preserve our rights

I often wonder how long the American people are going to continue allowing themselves to be disarmed on the streets, and be at the mercy of the criminal element. The irony of this situation is that the people disarming us are our own lying political and so-called 'community leaders', in violation of their oaths of office. Yet, they, and even the police continually restrict and confiscate our guns in many states, like California and New York across our country and thus disarm us so the criminals can kill us more easily. Leaders that ignore our Constitution are de-facto domestic terrorists that must be removed from office and prosecuted by legal means. We must make our leaders understand they must uphold our Constitution and preserve our rights to protect ourselves AND we must do so quickly - All concerned citizens should become politically active now and save our Constitutional gun rights for self- protection.

Ed Nemecheck
Landers, California


TPATH letter to the 26 Attorneys General after the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare constitutional

July 1, 2012

Dear State Attorney General,
The Supreme Court ruling this past week which declared the bill known as Obamacare to be constitutional was as shocking as it was egregious. If the Republicans do not get control of the Senate and or if Obama is re-elected, this country may never recover from the scope and breadth of this bill.

It will do no good to spend any time wondering why Justice Roberts ruled as he did. Nor will it serve any endeavor to use valuable time name calling and venting. What we need is a plan, beyond the expectations of November, and we need to implement it quickly.

I just finished watching three state AG's on Huckabee's Fox program (you know who you are) as they discussed possible plans for continuing the fight. It had been my hope that Article I of the Constitution would come up and be discussed. Alas, it did not. As a result TPATH has decided to contact each of the 26 State AG's in an effort to get some attention on the breach of Article I, Section 7.

As each of you are aware, this ruling can be challenged if it is done so with in 30 days of the ruling. That will give you until Friday, July 27 to join together with a formal appeal and official notification. From what I understand, an appeal can be made provided there is new evidence which was not considered or litigated during the process.

The basis for new evidence was produced by none other than Chief Justice Roberts, himself. His opinion and ruling that the healthcare bill was a tax bill, brought new evidence to the law suit. In fact, it’s now the law. SCOTUS says it’s a tax bill. So, it’s a tax bill.

It is the opinion of TPATH as well as all of our researchers and contributors, immediately upon ruling Obamacare a tax bill, Roberts could have and probably should have, ruled it unconstitutional under the constraints of Article I, Section 7 of the Constitution.

Just a small review of the history of the Senate Healthcare bill which is the one being challenged. This bill was written and produced by the Senate and by use of reconciliation passed it on to Obama's desk. So not only was this bill not produced by the House of Representatives as required by Article I, Section 7, but it was never voted on by the full House.
The bottom line is, the Healthcare Bill was deemed unconstitutional, in its entirety, the instant that Roberts declared it a tax bill. Taxes cannot be raised by the US Senate.

TPATH hopes you will take this into consideration. This fight to save America from this over reach of the federal government, is not over.

Dwight Kehoe


Citizens of Cave Creek donate more than $20,000 to the 100 Club of Arizona

On July 3, Harold’s Corral, and the Cave Creek Merchants Events Association hosted their annual Fireworks Extravaganza. However, with the tragic loss of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots, the owners decided this year’s event needed to be different.

The 2013 Fireworks Extravaganza was dedicated to the “Yarnell 19.” Harold’s and CCMEA contacted Rural/Metro Fire Department, Cave Creek’s fire and rescue provider and safety stand-by for the event, and the three organizations determined the donations received that evening would be given to the highly-respected 100 Club of Arizona. The 100 Club of Arizona provides immediate financial assistance to families of public safety officers and firefighters who are seriously injured or killed in the line of duty.

With a combination of media interviews and grass roots efforts, the citizens of Cave Creek stepped up in a major way with donations pouring in even before the event started. Hours before the Fireworks Extravaganza, a citizen dropped off a check for $5,000. Shortly after another stopped by to give $1,000, and another gave $500. After hearing about the donation drive to benefit the fallen firefighters, a local group donated seven gorgeous gift baskets to raffle as well.

Rural/Metro Firefighters from Local 3878 staffed tables at each entrance and coordinated a “fill the boot” donation drive. As the fireworks began, members of the Rural/Metro Pipe and Drum Corps played Amazing Grace as 19 individual aerial salutes rang out over the crowd. In a week that was very emotional for so many, this moment of recognition and solidarity had a huge impact on everyone present.

As the party started to wind down and the firefighters left to return to their duty, a regular of Harold’s offered to donate $5,000 if the crowd in attendance considered making additional donations. With that, the firefighters returned and circulated around Harold’s as the crowd “filled the boot” a second time!

This July 3 was a very special night at Harold’s Corral, a night that more than 30 Rural/Metro Firefighters and the 3,000 people in attendance will never forget. It was a time for everyone to reflect on the heroic efforts and devastating loss of the “Yarnell 19,” as well as celebrate the birthday of our great nation.

On the 4th of July when the party shifted to Frontier Town, Rural/Metro Firefighters again collected donations for the 100 Club and patrolled the area when fireworks decorated the sky. The Desert Foothills Community Association donated $1,000 to the 100 Club and numerous citizens and visitors to the town gave generously.

After the last firework faded from the sky, the citizens of Cave Creek had donated more than $20,000 for the 100 Club of Arizona. Soon that money will be in the hands of the people who need it most; the 19 families of the fallen firefighters of the Yarnell Hill Fire.

The relationship between the first responders, citizens and businesses of Cave Creek is something Rural/Metro is proud to be part of and will never forget the generosity and support they gave to those who needed it most.

Colin Williams
Rural/Metro Fire Department


Obstruction is a good thing

Obstructing policies that dramatically expand the size and scope of government is not only the right thing to do, it is the duty of elected officials who swear an oath to protect our nation and uphold the Constitution.

Our entire constitutional system of government depends upon a minority vigorously using every tool at their disposal to prevent laws that they believe are bad for the country from taking hold.
This is also the reason that the framers chose to give U.S. Senators the solemn responsibility to decide if a presidential appointee is suitable for service. It is one of the few brakes the minority party in the Senate can put on a runaway executive branch.

Yet, just last week, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid threatened to invoke the so-called nuclear option in the Senate which would strip minority rights to stop particularly egregious presidential nominees.

The people whose views fell short in the past election always have an operating assumption that those elected officials who are in the minority will use every bit of power at their disposal to defeat nominees or policies that they believe are harmful to the nation. While not efficient, this is the way our government has been set up, based upon the concept of majority rule fettered by a very strong set of minority rights.

Due to their perceived unwillingness to exercise their minority rights to their fullest on issues and nominations that are critical to the future of the nation, Republicans in Congress face a frustrated party base. It is exactly this type of perceived unwillingness to exercise their minority rights to their fullest on issues and nominations that have Republicans reeling.

House Republicans have voted ad nauseum to repeal Obamacare, yet they have consistently yielded without a struggle when it comes to funding its component parts. Back home, their constituents who sent many of them to Washington to clean up the Obamacare mess, rightfully wonder why their elected champions have shied away from using the basic power of the purse to rein in the implementation of the ill-conceived law that is truly dangerous to the public health.

On the global warming front, Republicans have railed against Obama's radical environmental agenda and have successfully stymied his attempts to pass legislation empowering agencies like the EPA to implement his full scale attack on coal and other fossil fuels that power our economy.

Rick Manning, Director of Communications
Americans for Limited Government


The Muddied Waters

The news continues to come out that congress and the nation were once again deceived by those under subpoena in the second round of the "investigation" into the NSA spying scandal. We have questions that went unanswered or evaded. It would appear as though we are being subjected to liars under oath and incompetent questioners in collusion with those being questioned.

It is increasingly apparent that the administration and the legislative branch are overloaded with more than its fair share of criminals, manipulators, incompetents and outright liars.
The deceptive practices being employed now bring into question the very reliability and honesty of the judicial branch.


Incompetence, waste, perjury and fraud appear to be all that our EMPLOYEES are capable of. The misuse of funds, total lack of financial responsibility, honesty and ethics begins at the very top and worms its way down to permeate our congressional representatives, aides and the bloated bureaucracy.

The president is responsible for setting the tone of HIS administration. He has certainly seen to it that some have indeed "given up" part of what is rightfully theirs so that "others" may have more. There is no shortage of money available to Obama and family as they waste millions upon millions of our dollars on multiple overly expensive vacations. This occurs as millions of Americans struggle to find meaningful employment or just meet their expenses. For many hard working Americans “vacation” is only a dream from the past.

Do we need to visit the money wasted on foolish investments, costly regulations, and benefits we provide to “undocumented” intruders? We could talk about the ballooning costs of an overstuffed government which increasingly drains the shrinking coffers of a bankrupt nation.
Are we to assume that this is the “fundamental change” that was promised? Has the United States now become a nation that rewards incompetence, tolerates mediocrity and submits to tyranny?

The last sentence represents a brief summation of what is wrong with the government of and by Barack Hussein Obama. Sadly, it only scratches the surface of the damage that he has done.

Tom Carbone