JUNE 12, 2013

Scottsdale General Plan 2014

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A Brief Overview
SGP 2014 is a State-mandated update to Scottsdale's General Plan-a document that guides how the city will evolve over the next 10-20 years. It is a process that will be accomplished with extensive opportunities for community participation and involvement over the next 18 months.

Scottsdale was one of the first Arizona cities to develop a General Plan to guide its physical development. Today, all Arizona cities are required by state law to have a general plan. Over the years, Scottsdale's General Plan has undergone numerous changes and revisions to address historic annexations, development trends, and state mandates.

The current General Plan was ratified by the voters in 2002. State law requires that cities the size of Scottsdale update their plans and send them to the voters for ratification every ten years. Scottsdale's last attempt to update the General Plan, in 2012, was not ratified by the voters. Subsequently, the 2001 General Plan remains in effect until a new General Plan is adopted and ratified.

Community Input Opportunities
Opportunities for community-wide input into the SGP 2014 process will include public workshops, presentations or meetings with groups or individuals, and public hearings. To complement these programs, several communications tools will be used: newsletters, social media, CityCable 11 programming, emails and local press coverage.

Registration Now Open for Neighborhoods & Housing Public Workshop
What should Scottsdale look like in 10 years? In 20 years? By participating in the 2014 General Plan process, you will help answer those questions. The next phase of the public process for the Scottsdale General Plan 2014 begins with the launch of the first two in a series of eight workshops. They will be on:
** Wednesday June 19, Desert Canyon School Library, 10203 E. McDowell Mountain Ranch Road
** Thursday June 20, SkySong, 1475 N. Scottsdale Road, Convergence Room

There will be two sessions for each workshop. They will be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 6 to 9 p.m. The same material and topics will be discussed at both sessions.

Each workshop series focuses on specific themes and topics. This first series addresses "Neighborhoods and Housing." Some of the existing values for this topic in the city's General Plan include:
** A broad diversity of owner-occupied and rental housing types
** Housing that is energy efficient, environmentally sensitive, and that blends with the city's natural surroundings
** Citizen involvement in the preservation and revitalization of Scottsdale neighborhoods
** Redevelopment and reinvestment in the community's mature areas.
** Preservation of the community's historic, archeological, and cultural heritage.

Workshop participants will determine if these values are still relevant today and how they should change, if at all.

Registration is required and is available HERE or by calling 480-312-3111.

SGP 2014 Upcoming Events
SGP 2014 Task Force meetings are open to the public. All Task Force meetings are held in the Community Design Studio, 7506 E Indian School Road, at 5:30 pm.

The following SGP 2014 events are coming up within the next month:

** Monday, June 17
Task Force Meeting
Topic: Background, Legal Aspects and Scottsdale's Vision/Values

** Wed., June 19 & Thur., June 20
Community Workshops
Topic: Scottsdale's Values for Neighborhoods & Housing
Registration & Details

** Monday, July 15
Task Force Meeting
Topics: Community Involvement, Open Space, Recreation

General Plan Task Force Appointed
A 25-member Task Force was appointed by the City Council on May 14, 2013, to guide the SGP 2014 process. The Task Force has two co-chairs: Wendy Springborn, City of Tempe Engineering Services Manager, and Jim Heitel, Estates Property Management.

Other Task Force Members include:

Phil Allsopp, Transpolis Global
Ace Bailey, Ultimate Art & Cultural Tours
Kathe Barnes, Scottsdale Ranch Community Assoc.
Timothy Burns, Burns Brothers Holdings
Bill Camp, Ret. CEO, Banner Research
Nancy Cantor, Ret. News Editor
Dawn Cartier, Transportation Engineer
Joe Galli, No. Scottsdale Chamber
Troy Gillenwater, Realtor, Russ Lyon Sotheby's
Donna Hardin, Corporate Move Specialist
John Hink, Attorney, Berry, Riddell & Rosensteel
Abby Hoover, Architect
Rick Kidder, Scottsdale Area Chamber
Sonnie Kirtley, Ret. Real Estate Broker
Loren Molever, Attorney, Molever Conelly
Jim Moulton, Boeing
Howard Myers, Ret. Electrical Engineer
Jude Nau, Best Western Sundial
Ned O'Hearn, Boulders Realty Advisors
Suzanne Paetzer, Executive Coach
Copper Phillips, Education Consultant
Doreen Reinke, Scottsdale Insurance
Laraine Rodgers, Ret. CIO, Xerox

In addition, the City Council approved a list of 10 Task Force Alternates to include:

Mike Bergfeldt, Louisiana Pacific Corp
Azim Hameed, Attorney, Sherman & Howard
Andrea Kranitz, Integrative Business Solutions
Sabrina LaSpisa, Environmental Scientist
Brad Michaelson, Runway 21 Studios
Isabel Montiel, Yavapai Elementary School
Leila Parnian, Parnian Furniture
Chris Schaffner, Acct Exec, FORBO
Leslie Sonnier, Family Heritage Financial Protection
Steven Voss, LVA Urban Design Studio

These community members were selected from over 290 applications for the Visioning Scottsdale Town Hall and represent a broad cross-section of interests, perspectives and affiliations.

City staff who directly support SGP 2014 are:

Randy Grant, Planning Administrator
Erin Perreault, Manager, Long Range Plng
Ross Cromarty, SGP 2014 Project Manager
Mary Vandevord, SGP 2014 Project Manager
Adam Yaron, SGP 2014 Project Planner
Taylor Reynolds, SGP 2014 Project Planner
Kit Weiss, SGP 2014 Public Outreach
Sherry Scott, Deputy City Attorney

The Task Force and Long Range Planning Staff are also supported by city staff experts from various city departments (i.e. Neighborhood Services, Parks and Recreation, Transportation, Current Planning, Water Resources, etc.)

Task Force Meets and Approves Schedule
The General Plan 2014 Task Force met for the first time on Monday, June 3, 2013. Task Force members received an introduction to planning and the General Plan, reviewed the upcoming meeting and public participation schedules, and received training on ethical standards required of all Scottsdale public bodies.

Stay Informed
It's your plan, it's your future.

For up-to-date SGP 2014 information, or to arrange a meeting with staff, call (480) 312-3111, email generalplan@scottsdaleaz.gov, or visit the General Plan website at www.scottsdalegp.com

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