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June 12 – 18, 2013


For All Signs:  The ongoing tension between Uranus (for the people) and Pluto (for the Plutocrats) is punctuated this week by transiting Venus, who is creating a triangle among the three.  Venus is the goddess that rules money and cooperative agreements.  Her presence in this group is likely to bring drama triangles to both individuals and the world at large.  In a drama triangle there is a victim, a perpetrator, and a rescuer.  Sometimes they alternate roles.  For example, the rescuer in one scenario may be turned on by both the victim and the perpetrator, and his/her role evolves to that of the victim.  Previous agreements may be broken and/or negotiations may break down.  Steer clear of these dysfunctional games.  Step out of your prescribed role.

Aries:  You are probably involved in one mayhem situation after another through May and June.  If you are called upon to speak before others, it will be best to write out what you want to say, in order to insure that you get to the point.  Parts of your mind are scattered into so many corners that it is hard to pull everything together.

Taurus:  Read the lead paragraph with care.  You may be involved in a drama triangle.  If so, do not consider the other parties your friends.  You may become the victim here.  On another track, you have experience to share and you may be invited to teach others what you have come to know.

Gemini:  You may be as happy as the Goose who Laid a Golden Egg.  A cycle which has been with you for one year comes to a successful end.  The positive results will continue through time.  Financial resources are improving.  This is a good time to study, speak or write about any material because your thoughts are flowing rapidly.

Cancer:  Your maternal instincts are front and center during this period.  Whether male or female, you are a Mother Bear protecting those who cannot help themselves.  For those into romance, now is the time to make yourself available.  You are generative on every front.  For those who want to bear children, now is the time. (That is not an order.  There will also be other opportunities.)

Leo: You are traveling through a high flying time.  You have your eye on the big picture and it looks grand indeed.  A word of caution:  your optimistic attitude and belief that you are right could cause you to become arrogant.  If you want others to join your ride, give them a special place on the wagon.  Share the glory.

Virgo:  Here is a little forewarning of the upcoming Mercury Retrograde that begins on the 26th.  We have just entered its pre-shadow period.  Given that Mercury is your ruling planet, prepare for life to begin a slowdown now.  Whatever you begin will likely take longer than you expect to complete.  Pace yourself and don’t expect miracles.

Libra:  You may have conflicting views with others during this period and feel compelled to say your piece.  If you do, prepare to be essentially alone.  The power is with others right now and it may feel like you are pushing a big rock uphill.  Financial resources likely will improve, but they will head out the backdoor as soon as they enter.  Hold on.  This won’t be forever.

Scorpio:  News is favorable concerning the law, travel, the Internet, church concerns, education, publishing and your children or grandchildren.  Give attention to the lead paragraph and identify any situation in which you are playing a triangulated role.  You may be the punisher, the victim, or the rescuer.  It’s big drama.  Do you really want it?

Sagittarius:  This is celebration time for you.  You are completing a year’s cycle of strength in the relationship department, possible new partnership(s), and improvement in your public relations.  Love life is good.  You may be traveling (for fun, not business), or at least making plans for the next big venture.  Enjoy!

Capricorn:  You are likely caught up into some kind of triangulation at this time, even if it is only inside your argumentative mind.  You may be drawn into challenges with the community around you on behalf of a cause.  If it somehow contributes to the good of the environment, then you are on the right path and others will join.

Aquarius:  You are on edge with the routine of life.  You both want and need to escape.  Plan now to take a break ASAP and do something fun and maybe even outrageous.  Start with a fantasy and then see how far you might go to create a reality.  Then you will have something beyond the norm for “escape.”

Pisces:  You are almost done with multiple house/home/property concerns of the past 1 year.  It is time to take a deep breath and let go of renewing, repairing, and replacing.  In recent months you have had reason to be concerned for your health.  You have improved your health habits in order to make improvements.  Don’t backslide now.

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