JUNE 12, 2013

SRP linemen rappel face of Horse Mesa Dam

Repairs completed 30 stories up to ensure Green Energy to SRP customers
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A crew of nine linemen from Salt River Project assembled on Horse Mesa Dam last week to work on the Horse Mesa Anchor Replacement project. (Horse Mesa forms Apache Lake on the Salt River.)

horse mesa damUnder the direction of working line foreman, Cliff Hogue, two linemen climbed into a basket located on the top of the 305-foot dam. A crane stationed next to them lifted the basket up and over the side of the dam, which contain three circuits totaling nine 115,000-volt transmission lines anchored into the dam wall about 30 feet from the top of the dam.

The anchors that attach the lines to the dam were in need of replacement. One lineman rappelled off the side of the dam to replace each of the nine anchors located about 30 stories above the ground with new ones while the two linemen in the basket untethered the lines and moved them about 18 inches over to the new anchors.

Each day, nine transmission lines located on Horse Mesa Dam, transport renewable energy from the hydroelectric generating station located at the dam to SRP customers in the Valley.

The project, which was completed this week, helps contribute to the reliability of the SRP system by ensuring the transmission of green, renewable energy for SRP customers. Horse Mesa Dam has three conventional hydroelectric generating units rated at a total of 32,000 kilowatts and one pumped storage hydroelectric unit added in 1972 and rated at 119,000 kilowatts.

Video and photos available at http://tinyurl.com/kqnkf2m