Nurse Caregiver Options: In-home care for those you love

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cheryl petruce-garciaCAVE CREEK – If you've had surgery, have a parent who suffered a stroke or are out of the hospital after having a baby, you know the best place to heal is home, in familiar surroundings. But what happens when you need a little (or a lot of) help? That's when you call Cheryl Petruce-Garcia (r), LPN, of Nurse Caregiver Options. A nurse with over 30 years experience, Petruce-Garcia is a natural nurturer whose services offer much more than a mere companion or light housekeeper.

Each client receives the care s/he needs, thus every plan is personalized, but Petruce-Garcia can provide medication set-up, wound care, blood pressure checks, even fall prevention techniques. Most patients (or their families) pre-arrange for services, but given she is an area resident, Petruce-Garcia can often accommodate unplanned visits. Haven't heard from Mom for a few days and worry if she may be in the early stages of dementia? Call Nurse Caregiver Options and Petruce-Garcia will do a home check. Given her training and experience, she can assess if someone, for instance, may be dehydrated and can correctly administer first aid if injury has occurred.

Though she works with patients of all ages, Petruce-Garcia has a soft spot for seniors and has a knack for motivating and lifting spirits. Eney Garcia, Cheryl's husband, added, "She really enjoys working with her patients, and they just love her!"

Long- and short-term care are options, rates are hourly and attention is individualized. Instead of pushing yourself to care for an infant when you've just had a C-section, ask for help! Instead of fretting about your elderly dad across the country, call Nurse Caregiver Options. (Husband Eney operates Ten Ten Options, a car service, so if you need a ride to/from the airport, discount rates are available to Cheryl's clients.)

For peace of mind, for competent, compassionate in-home medical care, call Cheryl Petruce-Garcia, LPN at 602-300-2904 for an initial, no obligation consultation.