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May 15 - 21, 2013


For All Signs: Beginning last June, 2012, through the year 2015 we have a series of seven clashes between Uranus and Pluto. Uranus represents the theme of economic and political justice. Pluto represents big money, worldly power, and the forces of nature. The planets were close enough in their orbs to begin in 2011-12, which saw the Arab Spring. It probably does not need to be said that the wrath of nature is becoming increasingly destructive. On the schedule of planetary motion, there are two exact squares in 2012, followed by two in 2013, two in 2014, and one in 2015. This week is the first square of 2013. This is not Armageddon, in my opinion, but these aspects represent the clash of powerful archetypal energies. Overall, there will be global reorganization of politics, power and the economy. All of us will be affected in ways we probably would rather not imagine, since humankind prefers not to change. See more in future columns or on my website.

Aries: Uranus entered your sign in April 2011 and remains with you through June 2018. Many things in your life have already begun to change as you inhale the fresh air of independence. You may be drawn toward one or more political situations to fight for the rights of the people. You have experienced upheavals and still have more to go through 2015.

Taurus: You may be experiencing a reenactment of an old scenario, particularly in relation to authority figures. Before you go into reflex mode, consider responding differently than you have in the past. At least make an effort to understand why you are struggling. It is time to let go of some old pattern that no longer becomes you.

Gemini: Mercury travels rapidly through your sign between now and the end of this month. During this period there likely will be greater emphasis on communications, errands, and other short distance travels. Meanwhile you may have important concerns about friends whose status is changing quickly. Another area of attention is related to all things having to do with sexuality, death, and legacy.

Cancer: Uranus' 7 year tour of Aries (2011—2018) symbolizes important changes and probable expansion of your career arena. Your boredom with old routines drives you to explore the untried. You have a need to rebel, which may cause difficulty with authority figures. You'll be very attracted to the unusual in occupation – the more eccentric, the better. Your partner is experiencing a metamorphosis.

Leo: You have big ideas and ambitions. But right now the details are nagging you like nibbling ducks. Perhaps your health is in a minor slump and you need to rest. You are much more inclined to force your body into submission, but it’s not really a good idea at this time. Tell the truth in relationships unless you firmly believe it would cause more harm than help.

Virgo: Changes occurring in the lives of important people around you are requiring your time and attention. Your partner may be of little help during this period. Your hand is required in too many pies for comfort right now. Make a special effort to keep up with keys, tickets, billfolds, and other small items.

Libra: New and unique experiences will likely be brought to you through changes in situation made by your partner (business and/or personal). Those with clientele will see major shifts in whom they attract. Libra does not blend well when things are out of balance, but keep your nose above water and you will ultimately find a place of security.

Scorpio: Others in your life will be drawing deeply from your emotional resources. It is fine to hold onto your boundaries and not give away the store. If you go too far, you will become resentful or irritable and that won’t help anyone. Work toward balance between giving and self-care.

Sagittarius: You are on the verge of an important commitment. This brings up all kinds of fears from the basement of your psyche. What if I can’t keep my promises? What if I get bored and need to move on? This is, indeed, a time of trial for your soul. Look deeply into yourself to find the source of that fear and root it out. Otherwise it will run your life.

Capricorn: Pluto is traversing your sign from 2008 through 2023. During this period you will come to know yourself more deeply than you might have thought possible. Old secrets may have come to the fore. During these years while Uranus is making the squares, your life direction will likely turn over and over. It will teach you to swing in the direction of “open doorways” if you are adaptable, or knock you to the floor if you are not.

Aquarius: What you do in your business and financial life now will have greater than usual impact in the future. The problem is that you do not yet feel clear about where you should expand and where you need to contract. Conservative choices are best for a while. Don't rush the decision.

Pisces: News from family members may be unsettling. It also may not be accurate, so don’t react with haste. Your imagination could go overboard this week and you might be overly reactive to slights. Double check on facts, data, and directions that come your way. The financial picture continues to be somewhat troublesome.

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