Don't run for the exits

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steele coddingtonThe President's comedic performance a few weeks ago at the White House Correspondents Dinner was funny, but no funnier than the laughable routine becoming known as his legacy. To most comedians, each wise crack becomes a sort of superficial legacy, or verbal cow-chip thrown out to an audience like a frisbee, with no real meaning. So it is with our new national comedian, using a novel and destructive form of comedy, loaded with chicanery, involving humor and punch lines to persuade, delude, deceive, manipulate and/or mislead to suit a divisive political purpose.
The tactic has become liberal SOP because chicanery or trickery is used to excuse or fabricate about the total ineptitude of a White House's record on persistent domestic economy failures. But more frightening is the absence of any evidence of the character, courage or skill needed to address and cope with the increasing menace of JIHAD and its threat to America. JIHAD means what it means, but it's given a new, more meaningful sense if the word is spelled backwards and used as a perfect acronym for a phrase that describes weak, ineffectual governments who fail to stand up for their fundamental beliefs. That is, DAHIJ, for the phrase "Dumb, Arrogant, Hopeless, Incompetent, Jerks."
How can the American public think otherwise, considering the continuing gross inability to handle crisis after crisis with nothing but excuses that avoid blame and only create the impression that one whole long wall of the White House is lined with toilets – each with a different flush handle describing the Regime's disposition of the issue. Here are the top ten toilet flushes:

1. The meaningless Red Line BS Toilet
2. The "We're investigating that now," Flush
3. The Benghazi cover-up Outhouse
4. The Muslim Brotherhood SaniCan
5. The No Jobs Economy Loo
6. The Sequester Toi-Toi
7. The Immigration Amnesty Two Holer
8. The Higher Taxes on Everyone Latrine
9. The Obscene National Debt Head
10. The Failure to Confront Jihad Potty

We're out of toilets, but the comedy routine goes on. The clapping you hear in the background is the liberal major media, TV and newspapers, committed like a complicit back-up orchestra to acceptance of government policies at odds with traditional workable economic and foreign policy solutions. When you hear them, it's not time to run for the exits. They are seriously misguided and it's time to BOO them with votes that can preserve America from a comedy act going in the wrong direction.