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May 8 - 14, 2013


For All Signs:  Eclipses generally come in pairs, one at the new moon and the other at the full moon.  This eclipse season we have three.  The full moon of April 25 in the sign of Scorpio started the cycle.  On May 9 we have the New Moon in the opposing sign, Taurus, at 8:28 p.m. EDT.  The third eclipse will occur on May 25 near midnight EDT.  Between the second and third eclipses, we have one more square of Uranus and Pluto (see next week).  Given the world event preludes in April, there will likely be no one left untouched by the end of May.  Eclipses are especially profound lunations and tend to bring all circumstances into the daylight for good or ill. 

Aries:   This is a period in which you may encounter someone from your past.  If not a person, then you may confront a debt or a promise made some time ago.  There really is no way around it.  This is tied to Taurus, the Bull, and we can’t move Bulls unless they choose to leave of their own volition.

Taurus:  This time brings a drama with your significant other that does not even really belong in that department.  Your ego may be a bit bruised, but the real wound happened many years ago.  It is not fair to demand that your partner compensate for injuries of your old history.  Maintain perspective.

Gemini:  You could have a tendency to travel down memory lane during this period.  Unfortunately the ones that surface may be more destructive than helpful.  If you experience memories that cause you to feel fear or pain, remember that you are in the present.  It may be merely a cautionary reminder from the past.

Cancer:  Your good judgment is in one place while your heart is in another.  It could be highly distracting.  Concentrate while driving or handling tools.  If possible, don't force a decision just now.  You might benefit from writing a note to yourself from the voice of logic and a separate letter that speaks for the soul so you can gain a bit of clarity.  Avoid falling backward to outmoded patterns.

Leo:  The eclipse on May 9 is in your house of career and life direction.  Something new is called for in these areas.  Whatever it is will begin slowly and calls for a long building phase.  Strategy is required.  You must leave desire for revenge or other dark thoughts behind.  Otherwise they will slow your progress. 

Virgo:  Life is generally frenetic this week.  It is important that you remember to hold onto the big picture of where you are headed.  Don’t allow the nuisance details to upset your attitude if you can help it.  Remember what is the forest and which things are merely sprouts and twigs on the path.

Libra:  It is possible you will feel a sense of fatigue this week.  Maybe something has caused you to be disappointed with yourself.  Don't take the blues seriously or worry about yourself.  In a few days you will feel much better.  It is a temporary mood swing.  Get some extra rest.  Stay in touch with good friends.

Scorpio:  A new situation may bring up old anger at this time.  It is important to leave dark energies, such as the desire for revenge, in the past.  You do not need to prove anything nowIt is possible that you will accidentally slip into outdated language and behavior that is no longer appropriate for you.  Set it aside as soon as you wake up to the present.

Sagittarius:  You have only six weeks before your planetary ruler, Jupiter, moves on from Gemini to Cancer.  This transition is important because the change of focus happens only once per year for you.  While in Gemini, Jupiter highlights relationships and partnerships of all types.  You are headed toward a commitment very soon.

Capricorn:  You occasionally confuse what you think with who you are.  There are those who will disagree with you this week.  Just don't let it become a battle to the death.  Your identity is not at stake in this situation.  You may not like what is happening, but you can choose a better time later to argue the point.

Aquarius:  Your mind is restless and easily bored this week, so find a variety of interesting things to read.  You are feeling independent and you may want more alone time than is the norm.  Sometimes we just need to see different surroundings.  If you have these symptoms, try a brief weekend trip.  Exercise in order to avoid the jitters.

Pisces:  The last thing in the world you want to do right now is follow routine.  Give yourself some slack and take a breather.  If you don't, you will resent it and that uses more energy than it is worth.  Let your imagination flow and consider adding something beautiful, maybe inspirational, to your everyday surroundings.  It will perk up your attitude.

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