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MARCH 27, 2013

Winners and quitters

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Don SorchychShock waves continue to hammer Cave Creek.

Our deadline with the printer is 6 p.m. on Tuesday. Last week I wrote a My View in support of the remaining council members. However, from about 4 – 5 p.m. there was a flurry of activity with council members dropping like flies, resigning from the race to meet the 5 p.m. deadline. Left standing was solely Thomas McGuire.

But that wasn’t good enough to satisfy the man behind the curtain, Mike Chutz. Somewhat later Dick Esser decided to continue and rescinded withdrawal.

Chutz wrote a fawning e-mail to McGuire asking him to drop out. Here it is:

On Mar 20, 2013, at 10:28 AM, Michael Chutz wrote:

“Dear Tom,
“I am on an airplane right now but have access to the internet.  Otherwise I would call you and ask to see you personally.  

“This e-mail is sent to you with the utmost respect.  You are a gentleman and a gentle man.  You are also a very caring person.

“Your volunteer efforts for the town of Cave Creek show how selfless you are.

“If I were able to sit with you and Mrs. McGuire personally today I would humbly convey a message to you that is almost impossible to adequately convey via e-mail.  I pray that I choose just the right words and that you and Mrs. McGuire feel my heart as you read these words.

“I would respectfully and with the deepest humility ask you to consider withdrawing from the race for the good of the town. The next eight weeks will be filled with the tussle and back and forth of the political arena.  If we had a responsible journalist in the area that dialogue might be beneficial.  Unfortunately we do not.  Mr. Sorchych will say and write the meanest things about four very fine people.  These people and their families will be hurt.  Some of them will inevitably end up on council.  The net result is that our newer council members will enter office tainted even more by the venomous paint of the Sonoran News.  

“By your withdrawing you can pull the community together. You have it in your power to send a very clear message to the town that you support unity and community.  An offer to work with new members of council as a part of that statement would be very powerful.  You could be a unifying force for Cave Creek.

“We have started a "think tank" of sorts, called the Cave Creek Institute.  It is designed merely as a resource for the town.  We are hoping to recruit accomplished citizens from all walks of life to be able to give back in their particular area of expertise.  We can do bench-marking against other communities and try to learn what other similarly situated communities have done to address their problems.  We would welcome you as a member of that board of directors, should you choose to continue your volunteering efforts.

“I know how you must feel right now. I was an officer and a board member of a very important national organization at one time and was a change agent.  The time came when some of my colleagues, who admired me and my efforts on behalf of the organization, came to me and suggested that for the greater good I refrain from running for an additional term on the board.  After a great deal of thought I heeded their advice. I am glad that I did.

“Again, this message (especially because it is made by e-mail rather than in person) can be taken either the wrong way or the right way.  I beg you to take it the right way - as if I were in your kitchen humbly suggesting this to you.  You are a gamer and a very good man and a good citizen of Cave Creek.  No matter what you decide I hope that you and I can form a friendship.

“However, at this very troubling time and with so much at stake, a bold and decisive move on your part could do more to unify the community, perhaps, than any thing else you could ever do from the dais, no matter how successful your efforts.

“No matter what your decision I wish you and Mrs. McGuire the very best.

“With respect,


“P.S.  I am copying Adam on this because he is a very special and wise young man.  He is available in his office and will be happy to discuss this with you should you wish to think through the pros and cons.  I am copying him only because, should you win, you would be colleagues. But also, as a very young man, he is the future of our town.  I am totally unavailable by phone or, as I said, I would pay you the courtesy of making this appeal in person.  I am on line on the airplane.  Again, this plea is for the benefit of the other candidates and their families and our fellow citizens.  It is totally confidential and I know that Adam will keep it totally confidential.”

From: Thomas McGuire
Sent: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 11:55 AM
To: Michael Chutz
Cc: Adam Trenk
Subject: Re: hello Tom

Mr. Chutz,

No chance.

Thomas McGuire
Cave Creek, Arizona

So the mask is being removed a little at a time. Once again, why is non-voter Chutz ramrodding the group of well known dissidents? So here he is asking McGuire to open the field to assure the slate will own a majority of votes and further he is speaking of offering a board of director’s position as a reward for quitting the council race. Is that legal? It clearly shows that not only is Chutz’s goal a victory for the slate, but he is also suggesting a shadow government (which is not voted in) that would guide his subjects. Beware of their newly minted “think tank” which they have labeled the Cave Creek Institute.

If you Google Michael J. Chutz, age 56, you will find a plethora of backgrounds. For one, although he says he is an attorney he appears to be in the trash business, both in Pittsburgh and California. He serves on many boards and has a map of relatives. Why does he want to add Cave Creek to his resume? Voters should seek to penetrate his shield, as we are doing.

His e-mail also linked councilman-elect Adam Trenk. Although Trenk tried to appear disassociated from the slate it shows his connection to and dependence on Chutz.

When Esser decided to rejoin the others in the council election, who jumped up and down and threatened a lawsuit? It was Trenk. In our discussions with the elections department there was no issue with Esser’s actions. But at this time Trenk has rehired the attorney that defended him in court about his lack of residency and is still rattling the sabers about suing to kick Esser off the ballot. Ironic in that Trenk admitted in court he left the town for a year and didn’t have the requisite year of living here when he ran for election.