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March 27 – April 2, 2013


For All Signs:  Both Easter and Passover are "scheduled" by the annual occurrence of the full moon in Libra, which is at 5:27 a.m. on March 27 this year.  Libra is the sign of relationship and the full moon represents the joint responsibilities of any partnership.  Passover celebrates the promise of freedom offered by Yahweh to the enslaved Hebrews before the Exodus. It is celebrated for eight days.  This year the traditional Passover meal was celebrated on Tues., March 26.   For Christians, the story of Jesus' resurrection is the symbol of God's promise of everlasting life for all those who would accept the responsibility of maintaining faith.  Easter is always scheduled for the first Sunday following the full moon in Libra.  This year it is March 31.  Both religious celebrations are based on timing of the Libra full moon, so some years we celebrate the season well into April.

Aries:  The major, five year Uranus-Pluto square is being heavily triggered in your sign at this time.  You seek freedom from whatever Powers that Be in your life.  If you have thought carefully about the next step, then now is the time you will probably make the leap.  If you haven’t done your homework, sit on your hands.

Taurus:  If you are allowing yourself the needed R&R, you likely will have unexpected revelations at this time.  These are probably surprises that come to you from the past or secrets that you discover about yourself or those in your family of origin. 

Gemini:  This is a very good time for you to take a serious look at your health routines. You need a renewal of attitude and fresh resolutions.  The winter blahs have taken a toll on your body and thus your mental health.  Aspects favor reviewing and discussing financial matters with your partner.

Cancer:  You are an observer as you watch many others in your life who are playing out fairly important dramas.  Your partner is struggling for a sense of footing due to significant changes in his/her life.  The “other” fears annihilation of one layer of the ego’s life.  As this evolves, it will prove a great relief for you.

Leo:  You may be itching for a getaway from the routine right now.  However, problems related to aging property or people in your life are holding you back.  Your mental health is important, so consider whether you might be able to hire someone to maintain your obligations for a time.

Virgo:  This is an ideal time to mend fences in your primary relationship(s).  Your mind is steady and looking for practical solutions to issues that may have created harm in the past.  You are also more open to finding the creative and untried options.  Relationship(s) to children and lovers is also favored.

Libra:  Weird circumstances and peculiar or unreliable people may be turning up in your life at this time.  If not others, then it may be you, playing a unique and far out shift in your overall life.  You want freedom but meanwhile have major fears about security, so your normally balanced approach to life is tipping wildly, searching for a foothold.

Scorpio:  If someone owes you money and cannot pay, now is the time to cease your services.  You need a clear contract here.  If it is you who owes the money or the service, then this is the time to pay it off or set up a specific plan to do so.  Aspects have a “buck stops here” look and you must step up to your best self.

Sagittarius:  Life in the relationship department is still on hold.  Two problems are at core:  shared resources, and old family of origin issues.  The conflict may be totally within you rather than with the “other”.   Playing together is one way to cross the bridge toward working things out.  Then carefully examine the rest together or with a therapist.

Capricorn:  You feel pressured by multiple issues concerning home and family life.  Both property and family are begging for your attention.  The body is the ultimate “home” for each of us.  Hopefully you have been taking good care of it.  If not, you may be surprised by adrenalin or blood sugar issues.

Aquarius:  A new initiative or idea that began in late Oct. of 2012 has come to a point in which you can move no further without making adjustments.  You may be required to wait on another factor before proceeding.  While paused, you can pursue other activities that require concentration and a steady mind.

Pisces:  You have favorable aspects in the areas of the law, business travel, business that comes from a distance or on the internet, publishing, and education.  Keep track of new ideas that cross your mind because more than one will have promise.  On the interior, you are making progress toward healing an abandonment issue from long ago.

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