Grin and bare it ...

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steele coddingtonNature is a complex thing to define, but generally seems to mean the entirety of the place we call “earth” or “world.” To reflect its nurturing characteristic it’s often called “Mother Nature,” and because it can’t be duplicated, its authenticity earns our trust. “There’s truth in nature.”

Respect for nature is expressed in many philosophical and physical ways. One of those interesting ways is called “naturism,” best defined as, “a lifestyle in harmony with nature expressed through social nudity.” Philosophically, nudism seems to encourage expression of a human yearning and search for the same kind of truth that defines Mother Nature.

A fascinating by-product of naturism’s power is the increasing realization that nudity can be a political force for honesty in politics. The slogan, “Bare with me,” might be the awakening realization that a threatened mass nude demonstration in front of the Washington Monument could help change Washington’s consistent slide into an abyss of liars more intent on “cover-up” than the naked truth. Consider the consistent, deliberate political cover-ups that have become a new White House ethic, a new communication skill shrouded in the art of prevarication, to make screw-ups acceptable, avoid consequences and justify the repetition of lies to give them authenticity.

To think what nudity might accomplish politically is awesome. But in-the-buff experts say America’s shy reticence concerning nudism is a hold-over from our Puritan heritage where the only naked thing ever seen was a Thanksgiving turkey. However, familiarity with the strict propriety of naturism can quickly change that mind set. And I can cite a personal experience that convinced me nudity might be 90 percent mental.

A few years ago I was working on a story featuring the magnificent natural rock pools situated about an hour’s climb up the Mt. Lemmon trail in Catalina State Park in Oro Valley. I had soaked alone au natural in them many times before, but when I reached them this time, the pools were occupied by four in-the-buff young women, each wearing large sun glasses seemingly designed to provide a modicum of cover for their bodies. The sun glasses made me laugh and it relieved the wearers when I explained why I was there. They were not upset when I explained I was also the pool life guard and was required to join the bathers. By the time I’d convinced them the only real danger in the immediate vicinity was bending over too close to a Jumping Cholla cactus with no clothes on, they’d become comfortable without clothes – simple trust!

So while the phenomenon of naturism isn’t exactly a national sport or a week-end tail gate activity, it may be a new tour-de-force, or the only effective way to protest the current liberal establishment’s abuse of truth, bad judgment, international deception and manipulation of complicit media.

If naturism isn’t your cup of tea, you can start your truth journey by just baring your mind on those issues. Mother Nature is behind you, but wants to remind you that public nudity in Arizona is illegal except in designated no clothes areas.

May the smile of nature be your companion as you contemplate whatever state of dress brings you happiness.