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March 6-12, 2013


For All Signs:  Infants born between Feb. 25, 2013 and March 11 have highly unusual horoscopes.  During this period there are six planetary bodies in the sign of Pisces.  Many of these children will be deeply in touch with the collective unconscious and their wisdom may be astounding.  This is likely so, even though they may be slower to learn the practical matters of tying shoes, for example.  Many will have special talents in the arts, writing, and music because of their gifted imaginations and the ability to mentally travel on frequencies most of us have tuned out.  If you are the caretaker of one of these children, offer many opportunities to play in color and music.  Given the tools, your child will lead you where he/she needs to go.

Aries:  You may feel droopy at the beginning of the week, but on the 12th your ruling planet, Mars, enters your sign.  This will bring you a jolt of energy that will be with you for nearly seven weeks.  Now is the time to prepare yourself to take initiatives.  Mercury turns direct on the 17th so you can then focus this energy productively.

Taurus:  Double check all incoming information this week, including that which you are thinking.  This is a good time to enjoy friends and loved ones all around you.  Romance looks favorable.  Someone from the past may return for another “go” at relationship.  Take your time on that one.

Gemini:  Important issues in the areas of life direction, career, marriage, and family are prominent at this time.  There are almost too many options!  Your mind is flying with thoughts, details, questions and maybe answers.  Write down your better ideas for reflection in the future.  Right now Mercury, your ruling planet, is retrograde, so it is better to collect, rather than act upon information.

Cancer:  You have favorable aspects concerning romance, social life, and family life with husband and children.  This is a good time to heal rifts in any relationship.  You may be traveling or making plans for your next journey.  Aspects favor the law, education, the internet and publishing.

Leo:  Given that Mercury is retrograde in your 8th house, the probability is that you are searching high and low for data in order to prepare your taxes.  Don’t panic if paper or data is lost during a Mercury retrograde, because it almost always resurfaces quickly.  Aspects favor researching information about family heirlooms or history.

Virgo:  Because Mercury is retrograding in your 7th house, changes will be coming to you through others.  Those of you engaged in any kind of contract or promise may feel the need to back off and rethink the situation.  Those who are recently separated may want to try the relationship again.  Hang onto your center.  You can’t make everyone happy.

Libra:  Make it a point to triple check important details this week or you are liable to have to do your work over again.  People from your work past return for a happy reunion.  Aspects favor income, home repairs, and family life.  Your frame of mind is steady, in spite of multiple activities.

Scorpio:  Go with the flow at the beginning of the week.  You can’t push a 100 lb. rock uphill, no matter how hard you try.  On the 12th, your planetary ruler, Mars, moves into a sign of strength and will be with you seven weeks.  The romantic horizon is favorable.  Just don’t push the river.  The wheels of the Powers that Be are finally turning in your direction.

Sagittarius:  The symbols appear as though all your family members, their children, and their in-laws are visiting you at the same time.  Although this is unlikely, your circumstances may feel as though you have so much change happening in your home (or in your psyche) that you can hardly contain it all.  Take your time.  Calm is in the future.

Capricorn:  Since November your path has become gradually easier.  Work is available if you want it, which is reassuring in these times.  Your mind is steady and you may be preparing to teach something soon.  The flow is coming your way and you are “called” to lead others.  Right now is the time to gather information.

Aquarius:  Social and romantic life is favored this week.  You may be mixing business and pleasure in a pleasant combination.  This is a good time to discuss issues within a relationship because you are steady of mind and likely to be realistic, in relation to yourself as well as others.  Avoid making concrete promises because circumstances may soon change.

Pisces:  Give special attention to the lead paragraph.  All those planets (6) in your sun sign suggest that you may be filled to overflowing with people and things in your life.  Even the New Moon is in your sign on the 11th, suggesting a new creative idea is just beginning to emerge.  Make time for your introversion in order to keep your balance.

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