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February 27 - March 5, 2013


For All Signs:  The sign of Pisces is supercharged right now.  It is loaded with five planets plus the Sun.  This continues through March 11.  Children born during this period will be very special indeed, laden with talents and abilities in the arts and intuition.  Pisces is a sign of what is commonly called the right brain.  It is possible there will be a breakthrough in our understanding of “mystical” or “psychic” awareness.  New developments in the world of music and other arts may come to public awareness.  The heart of Pisces is about rising above the confusing and worldly maya in order to see a bigger picture.  Einstein was a Pisces.  He intuited answers to his questions and then sought the means to prove his hypotheses.  See below to find how this stellium affects you through your sun and ascending signs:

Aries:    During this period you may be ruminating over the past.  Old worries may resurface.  Evaluate them for their genuine veracity.  Ask if these worries truly exist. Don’t mistake a rumor or gossip for the real truth.  This is a good time for connecting with your higher self.

Taurus:  There is much stirring in the territory concerning friends, organizations and community contacts.  You may be having difficulty bringing things to fruition or conclusion in any of these areas.  Perhaps you will be compelled to put previous plans on hold.  Resolution comes in latter March.

Gemini:  The Pisces stellium is punctuating the house of your career and life direction.  This is really more of a tweaked change than a life course alteration.  However, if you happen to apply  for a job this month, you may find that you will change your mind about that particular route.  Now is the time to research the best possible choices, but don't take action yet.

Cancer:  The major stellium is in the territory which deals with education, publishing, the internet, travel, public speaking, the law, and philosophy.  Therefore any of these activities are subject to shifts, spurts, or sudden deceleration due to lack of decision.  Maybe the right solution just is not available yet.  Have a sense of humor and patience.

Leo:  The Pisces stellium is stirring the pot in the territory of taxes, debt, joint resources and investments.  You will likely experience a need to go back and review financial history.  Some may be hesitating over whether or not to become sexually involved with a new lover.  The answer for that one is to step back for now.  Think again in latter March.

Virgo:  The stellium in Pisces punctuates your territory of significant relationships, contracts, and clientele.  These areas may be challenging right now because it is difficult to make decisions or finalize plans.  Everything seems to depend on someone else.  Hold onto patience with yourself and others.  It is temporary.

Libra:  You may find that your diet and exercise program is on hold or treading water.  Perhaps this will be a plateau that must be worked through.  You have a desire to improve your everyday environment.  Before you make big purchases, organize and sort closets, records, and files.  Then you can see your space and what you truly need.

Scorpio:  The Pisces stellium is in the territory that rules your children, creative efforts, and love life.  Anything on your radar screen that is related to these territories is subject to turnaround, review, deceleration, rethinking for a few weeks.  Maybe you'll want to check out a previous love interest.  You may temporarily decide you don’t want to have children or produce a creative work.  You’ll change your mind later.

Sagittarius:  The area of focus is related to property, family, and issues of security.  You are likely reworking things in one of these territories.  Family members may be erratic or hard to pin down, making it difficult to conclude open agendas.  Have patience.  After March 17 it will be easier to make decisions and move things forward.

Capricorn:  The month’s focus is specifically on communications, neighbors, siblings, and others who are in your daily environment.  Concentrate as much as possible on clear communications.  Double check what you think you heard.  It is possible that you are the central figure organizing your community at this time.  You may need to consider the needs of your vehicle now.  Give it a checkup. 

Aquarius:  The probability is high that you will discover some error made in the past that must be rectified fairly soon.  It may be as simple as finding a bill that was forgotten and left unpaid.  Or it could be a little more complicated and involve a previous misunderstanding with a loved one.  Now is the time to uncover and repair errors.  You will be thinking more carefully about your sense of values and your priorities.

Pisces:  Since your sign is the one carrying all this planetary energy, you may find this month a little unnerving.  Although you think of yourself as invisible, that is definitely not true this month.  You may change your mind over and over as the weeks go forward and circumstances keep evolving.  Avoid making big decisions now.  Research and gather data instead.
Are you interested in a personal horoscope? Vivian Carol may be reached at 704-366-3777 for private psychotherapy or astrology appointments. Visit

Are you interested in a personal horoscope? Vivian Carol may be reached at 704-366-3777 for private psychotherapy or astrology appointments. Visit