America’s ‘body politic’ headed for disaster


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SPOOF SPACEThe “body politic” is a metaphor derived from a medieval story, mainly embracing the idea of a country’s people being likened to the human body. The analogy inevitably extends to the head as the government, controlling the anatomical parts. The earliest reference seems to have originated with one of Aesop’s fables entitled, “The Belly and the Members.” At different times the tale has been adapted to political realities affecting a particular era. In the fable mentioned, the “body politic” of that day was in conflict. Various parts of the body complained that the stomach, which provided the nourishment for the rest of the body, was receiving too much food, depriving them of their share. So the head decided to take the food away from the stomach, depriving it of the nourishment that supplied the whole body. Ultimately the body died because the head was too stupid to recognize who, or which part of the whole equation generated the energy to keep the body functioning.

A new Aesop’s fable has been discovered, so analogous to today’s American “body politic” that its certainty appears prophetic. It is a revelation of a “body politic” in the form of a wild 300 pound gorilla crushing everything in its path. He has a huge ever-ballooning, fuzzy-minded head, like the Obama ruling regime, its capitalist-destroying radical ideology spending the body into oblivion. The gorilla’s ever longer arms and grasping paws are the head’s agencies, commanded by the head to take the food, in the form of taxes, from the stomach. The stomach represents “we the people, taxpayers,” and is being starved by the head through bloated taxes to finance an ever-expanding head, arms and unions.

The gorilla’s legs and feet, the parts that support the beast, are free enterprise businesses. They can’t exist without the stomach, and can’t function because the head isn’t leaving them enough of their earnings to build the muscle needed for the body to function. The private sector feet are profoundly depressed because they can’t find a job to earn a living. The head and arms have no clue how to get the feet moving so the body can run again. The head’s unsustainable spending requires more and more taxes, forcing the stomach, legs and feet to use crutches, lent by the head, as they limp along unable to walk on their own any longer.
The tax burden ultimately is so confiscatory the stomach, legs and feet can’t cough up any more, so the head is forced to borrow just to pay the ever-growing union and agency arms. Finally, the head gets as big as Obama’s and self-destructs in an arrogant explosion destroying the entire body.

This newest fable was discovered in a cave near Aesop’s grave and is entitled “Redistribution and the Path to Poverty.” The moral of the fable is, “A nanny state entitlement society goes to hell when it runs out of others people’s money.”