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The ruse: Knock, knock, you’ve been had

Your liberties are being circumvented under ruse of safety, security and social justice. Your representatives are abdicating their authority and in the process compromising your liberty. The same elected representatives that are abdicating their power don’t realize that they are contributing to their own demise.

A hundred years ago the federal government sanctioned a cartel chartered with the primary goal to ‘protect’ us all from inflation: the Federal Reserve System was born. Of late, many counties are opting for an appointed CEO position in order to streamline county functions. Some counties have removed the local Sheriff office and replaced it with private security controlled by county bureaucrats. The United Nations co-opted the green movement and under the guise of ‘saving the environment’, presidents have issued orders, which are stripping away local government control and removing individuals property rights throughout the country.

The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ was a ruse which was artificially created to foment a crisis, whereby the politicians could swoop in rescue us all, with yet more government spending, which is the ultimate ‘problem’ of our fiscal woes. The ‘cause’ of the problem is the Federal Reserve System.

In his book , “The Case Against the Fed”, Murray Rothbard, denotes how the Federal Reserve System was created under a ruse to protect the system from inflation; when in reality, it was a cartel created to do just the opposite. He explains, using concise simple analogies, how banks increase, or ‘inflate’, the money supply, causing corresponding ‘price inflation’ of goods and services. This is why groceries and fuel costs continue to rise ‘without any explanation’, according to the mainstream press. We have been conditioned to accept this as normal as many of us reflect on the ‘good old days’ when, for example, a piece of candy cost a penny. Furthermore, we have been conditioned to see price inflation as a fact of reality. This is not so.

In its one hundred year history, the Federal Reserve System has never been fully audited. The reason: Auditing, would be a safety risk, because it would subject the system to political bias. Never mind that the ‘system’ has destroyed the purchasing power of the dollar and in the process punished savers, financed war and provided guns and butter programs for politicians eager to pander to the masses. The House overwhelming passed a bill to audit the Federal Reserve in July 2012. Now Senator Harry Reid is sitting the Senate version of an audit the Fed bill, S. 202, and will not bring it to a floor vote. Of late, Senator Mitch McConnell is negotiating with Harry Reid, to limit and/or do away with the Senate filibuster. Why now?  This is a ruse.

Constitutional sheriffs are under attack. Your local county sheriff is the only entity that stands between you and an overbearing federal bureaucracy. The sheriff is typically an elected office; however this can be circumvented if, as in the case of San Bernardino, the charter allows the Board to appoint a replacement.

In December 2012, in San Bernardino County California, the County Supervisors appointed a new sheriff because the seated sheriff resigned before the end of his term. The Supervisors rationalized that a special election would cost too much, therefore they opted to appoint a new sheriff for the remainder of the term. Furthermore, a couple of years ago the Supervisors appointed a CEO position and put him on a long-term contract. Recently they voted him emergency powers.

We can see a pattern here in that decisions are removed from the people and elected officials abdicate power to an unelected official or body.  Therefore, the ruse: we elect representatives and then they abdicate their power in much the same way that Congress had abdicated much of their power to the president over the years. This is now happening at the state, county and city level. We elect, they create/appoint and then abdicate power. This encourages a collectivist form of government, whereby regional boards are fostered, as is now evidenced in “Regionalism” across the country. This is being brought to you by the United Nations (UN) under the guise of environmentalism, which is nothing more than a program to catalog and control every aspect of your life. This program is called, U.N. Agenda 21 commonly known as ‘Sustainable Development’, of which Regionalism is but one component.

In 2012, President Obama began his Sustainable Communities Initiative. This initiative created a super agency program titled, “The Partnership for Sustainable Communities” by combining the efforts of three federal departments: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This program sends Federal agency grant money to cities in order to develop plans covering housing, land, use, transportation and other community services. The reason: wealth redistribution in order to rectify injustices of the poor through a transfer of wealth. All is to level the playing field and create collectivist mantra known as “social equity.”

The idea behind social equity is a “tax base sharing’ concept that would tax rural and suburb communities to subsidize inner-city urban areas. The money in the scheme would “only” be granted if regional plans are agreed to and managed by regional authorities or governing boards. This process would trump all of your elected local city council’s decision-making authority because their power would be abdicated to an unaccountable governing board. This is a ruse and if it happens in your area, you’ve been had.

Our federal elected officials appeal to a supra-governmental body for policies, and in the process surrender control and ultimately our national sovereignty in the process. This body is the United Nations (UN). UN initiatives are in all levels of government sanctioned through executive orders (EOs) issued by president Obama and past presidents. EOs allow the president to direct departments, agencies and public employees of the federal government.  The departments and agencies in turn draft programs and procedures to carry out EOs. The ruse: you are being governed by unelected government bureaucrats. Unelected departments and agencies are expanding for one reason: they are funded by congress. It is interesting to note that solutions to the ‘fiscal crisis’ never seem to address departments and agencies controlled by the president. This is a ruse. Let’s defund many of the departments and agencies.

As you give up your liberties under a guise of safety and security; as you are sold out by your state, county and local elected city officials, keep in mind it is all a ruse. Why? Because they are doing this for one primary reason: They are broke. They need money and are too ignorant to realize that they are selling your liberty in exchange for unelected centralized control.

There are solutions to the ruse already in the works:

1) Call Harry Reid’s Office at 202-224-3542, and demand that he bring S. 202, the “Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011”, to a floor vote.

2) Call your congressman and demand that they support H.R. 75: the “American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2013”, which is a bill to get the U.S. out of the UN.

3) Call Senator Mitch McConnell at 202-224-2541 and tell him not to negotiate away the Senate filibuster.

4) Contact your local sheriff. Find out what his/her stance on property rights are. Support only Constitutional sheriffs for public office.

5) Get involved: Attend your local city council and planning department meetings

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